29 Women Spill On How Many People They’ve Had Sex With

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
Let's talk about sex and the endless Google searches surrounding it. Are we doing it well? Are we doing it enough? How do we actually feel about blow jobs? How often do couples have sex? What is break-up sex really like? Our bedroom activities with various partners can range from hot to funny; awkward to goosebump-raisingly good.
Apart from the usual brunch spill sesh, these moments shared between yourself and your sexual partner(s), are usually kept between you and your partner(s). Because of their intimate nature, we sometimes shy away from the details of our sexual exchanges.
But the big question that hovers over many of our heads is whether the number of people we've had sex with is 'right'. The term 'body count' is a tad aggressive, and in recent times, there's been conversation about whether we should even be keeping track of our sexual escapades in the first place. Either way, the days of shaming people for having numbers in the double digits are falling behind us.
Here, 29 Australian women dish out the details of how many people they've slept with — as well as what constitutes sex for them.
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