Your Horoscope This Week: 10th April to 16th April, 2022

We begin the week recovering from the square that Mercury in Aries makes to Pluto in Capricorn on the 10th, a tense aspect that’s sure to kick up the dust on some old conflicts, include some hasty exchanges, and ultimately demand resolution — even if it’s a difficult one. Good thing, then, that Mercury moves in Taurus hours later, ready to batten down the hatches and get to work. Taurus energy is just as strategic as Scorpio energy, with a little more restraint and a little less sting, an influence that’s essential as the Sun continues under the stars of hasty Aries.
And, while it’s true that stern Saturn makes a square to the True Node in Taurus the following day, encouraging us to rein it in if we don’t have a sound way forward, the week ahead is not all about discipline and restraint. In fact, these transits prepare us for an influence that invites us to do quite the opposite. On the 12th, Jupiter makes a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, a powerful union of two planets that remind us the sky's the limit and the depths of the ocean are still one of humanity’s largest mysteries.
Here, opportunities abound, more is more, and your world is as big as you allow it to be. Revel where there’s revelling to be had but don’t throw caution to the wind, these planets open the doors and magnify what’s possible. Some things don’t get better the bigger they get, some things become so heavy that you have to let them go.
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