Taurus Season Is Here To Shake Up Our Lives (For The Better)

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Now we’ve blissfully exited the intensity of Aries season, we can gracefully glide into the serene sign of the Bull. That’s right, it’s Taurus season! And with that comes the excitement of springtime. From April 20 to May 20, we will celebrate Taurus season by smelling the perfume of blooming cherry blossoms while relishing the love in our lives
Taurus is a fixed earth sign, symbolised by the Bull. They are sweet, charming, artistic, sensual, and charismatic. Imagine a Bull calmly sitting pretty — that is until they start seeing red and charge forward. This description fits Taurus, as the zodiac sign mostly chooses to love and not fight (unless provoked). They are grounded, the salt of the earth, rigid, and steady. Peaceful by nature, the Bull is chill and placid, content in their own world. 
Taurus, as a zodiac sign, can be unwavering when it comes to their beliefs. They rarely change their viewpoint or stance on matters — even if the facts prove them wrong. Forget about ultimatums. The Bull won’t allow anyone to tell them what to do or manipulate them. In fact, it’s their biggest turnoff. They need to graze the grassy fields freely, at their own pace and speed. Although this sentiment can make them stubborn, Taurians are also loyal in relationships and friendships. Think of them as your cosmic ride or die, who’ll always stand by your side… even if they know you are wrong.
Creativity runs high for the Bullish sign who adheres to their aesthetic and artistry. These hard workers rarely take breaks from work, but when they do they know how to have a good time. Whether camping outdoors or sipping wine with friends, the Bull laps up everything that life has to offer. And wants a second serving of it too. 
Sensual Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, who is known for gentleness and a willingness to have fun at any cost. Instead of fretting over the edginess and darkness of the universe, Taureans prefer to be the life of the party and bask in the sunlight. Venus will be in the zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer throughout this Taurus season, making romance fun and tender. 
There are many astrological factors that separate this Taurus season from the rest and that will make it a time of emotional unrest. Firstly, the Taurus Sun and Pluto in Aquarius squared off on April 20, creating intense power struggles with others. Mercury retrograde occurs from April 21 to May 14 and aligns with the Taurus Sun. The hotspot of the retrograde is May 1, when the Sun and Mercury retrograde meet up in the sky — making it an ideal time for commitments and plans. The Sun is making a few frenetic aspects that will bring out the erratic nature of Taurus, instead of highlighting its loving sentiments. There could be more emotional ups and downs, as well as unforeseen drama along the way. Taurus season urges us to break convention and be free — which is why we may feel the pull between seeking autonomy and wanting to be committed to another. May 5 brings the lunar eclipse, which asks us to move past our ego and evolve in an effort to align with the times. May 9 brings a planetary connection between the Sun and Uranus in Taurus, aiming to shake up our lives for the better. 
The good news is that April 24 and May 11 bring positive energy to the table. The Sun and the North Node of Destiny collide in Taurus, heightening our confidence and bringing important people into our lives who’ll be an integral part of our future (therefore, you should pay attention to who you interact with on the 24th). When Venus in Cancer links up with the Nodes of Destiny, we can get some good lovin’ from someone special (even though Mercury is retrograde). It’s also a magical day in which someone from our past can come back into our lives — so beware of exes lurking around your social media page wanting to reignite an old flame
Lucky and expansive planet Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16 for the first time since 2011. Expect decadence and indulgence as we embrace Venusian sentiments. This is a moment in which we should all stop and smell the roses — or the cherry blossom. Enjoying life and all the natural wonders of the world will connect us with our own artistry, passion, and drive. 
Sounds fun, right? 
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