Your Ideal Best Friend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Photographed by Sophia Wilson
Who among us can say that they have never read a love horoscope or done a little Googling to find how compatible they were with their boo based on their zodiac sign? I might not break up with someone just because they're a Capricorn to my Aries, but I still want to know what the stars hold in store. Comparing birth charts with friends, however, seems to be less universal. But why? Astrological compatibility is a thing, after all — for all relationships, not just romantic ones.
"Certain signs always find each other in the universe," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. "This allows them to become good friends or best frenemies." Stardust acknowledges that astrological compatibility isn’t 100% accurate all the time — two signs that match on paper may not match well IRL. But there are signs who often align with one another to make the perfect friendship duo. Isn't it kind of cool that the very best friendships could be written in the stars?
Here, Stardust tells us each sign's likely BFF.

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