Yes, The Sunday Riley Combo Still Stands Up

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The word "miracle" gets thrown around a lot in the beauty space. And let's be real — most of the time, these heaven-sent products don't live up to their rep. So yes, I'm sceptical when it comes to hyperbole, but the more I heard about Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil, the more I had to know what made this little blue bottle so, well, miraculous.
The folks over at Sunday Riley must have read my mind, because as a present, they sent me a small bottle of Luna along with the brand's Good Genes treatment. Luna is a nighttime oil with retinol. Its mix of cold-pressed oils work as a cushion to deliver the retinol — which can sometimes be harsh on the skin. (BTW: My coworker, who swears by it, happens to be a retinol fanatic). Good Genes is a lactic acid treatment that can be used in the morning or at night. It also contains arnica, liquorice, and lemongrass to help exfoliate and add vibrancy to the skin.
I immediately started using the two in tandem. After I exfoliated my face in the morning (I don't use a typical cleanser in the a.m.), I'd smooth on Good Genes, let it do its thing for a few minutes, and then smooth on my moisturising oil. At night, I'd remove my makeup, cleanse my face, pop on a mask, rinse, and then smooth on Luna in lieu of a typical night cream. I started off by using Luna every other day, so my skin could adjust, but after a week, I was using it nightly.
I saw results almost immediately — especially in the morning. I'd wake up to baby-soft skin, thanks to the mix of retinol and oils in Luna. Then, after smoothing on Good Genes, my skin tone would go from slightly splotchy (thanks to the exfoliating) to totally toned. I even cut back on the amount of concealer I use on a daily basis because of how well these two things work. It's my new go-to routine.
The one caveat? Sunday Riley's products aren't exactly the cheapest on the market. But they are made with prescription-strength ingredients, so you're getting the most bang for your buck. They have a cult following for a reason: They actually work. And if good skin care is something you're willing to invest in, you won't be disappointed. Just go to any site that sells them and you'll see dozens of happy customers exclaiming that these are worth the price. Now, I'm one of them.
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