Your Summer Sex Bucket List Is Here

Photographed By Caroline Tompkins.
Summer is the sexiest season and summer sex can be hot in both meanings of the word. If you’ve ever tried to get it on in 38-degree heat with no air conditioning, you know that sometimes it’s just too hot to want to touch anyone, even the sexiest person alive. That’s when it’s time to get creative, whether that means watching each other masturbate or jumping in a cool shower together.
“If you love hot, sweaty sex, then summer is the season for you!” says Daniel Saynt, sex educator and Chief Conspirator at sex and cannabis members club, New Society for Wellness. “If the thought of someone sweating on you during sex turns you off more than seeing Trump trending on Twitter, consider a few tips to make sunny time sexy time more enjoyable,” he adds. He suggests picking less contact-focused sex positions and buying some waterproof sheeting. “Blast the AC, break out the fans, and have a few towels and water by your bedside to allow for brief breaks to wick off.”
Here are some suggestions for summer sex that will get you hot in a good way.

Go Skinny Dipping

Find a private pool or a secluded shoreline and jump in naked. We’ve got some sexy skinny-dipping stories to inspire you.

Make Out In A Lake

Have a sexy aquatic moment and finger your partner on the shore. You could also do the fingering part in the water. Whatever floats your boat.

Have Sex In A Pool

Try to recreate that iconic Showgirls pool sex scene — or try to improve on it.

Play With An Ice Cube

Run ice cubes all over your partner’s body and leave a trail of water. Make sure you focus on their nipples for a while.

Turn Your Bedroom Into An Icebox

Blast the Air Conditioner for a few hours so you can stay cool while you get hot.

Have Shower Sex

Keep the water temperature cool and have sex in the shower. If you’re worried about slipping, you can make out and fool around in the shower before moving to the bed.

Have Sex On The Beach

Make your cocktail a reality by having sex on a private beach or secluded area. Just don’t forget to bring a large towel, because if it gets in the wrong place, sand can really hurt.

Change Up Positions

Skip missionary and minimise sweat with a less-contact-focused position like doggy style, cowgirl, or oral sex. Keep your and your partner’s sweat levels in mind. “If your partner runs hot, consider positions where you're on top to prevent an unwanted summer shower,” Saynt suggests.

Get Busy Outdoors

Whether in your own backyard or in a quiet part of the forest while camping, summer is the perfect time to try out outdoor sex.

Have Sex In A Tent

Sharing a tiny tent can be sexy if you think about it the right way. And a big tent is even better.

Try Mutual Masturbation

Watching each other masturbate can be really sexy, and sometimes it’s just too hot to touch another person. Even someone you are incredibly attracted to.

Use Ice During Oral

Experiment with temperature play during oral, touching your partner with an ice cube in between teasing them with your tongue and mouth.
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