How To Keep From F-ing Up Your Spray Tan

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
So you have a big event coming up—maybe it’s a wedding, and you want to show off a polished, full-body, bronze glow to trick your distant cousins into thinking that you have your life together (by virtue of the fact that your skin is perfectly sunkissed). So, you book yourself a spray tan, a seemingly foolproof way to achieve an airbrushed tan without the skin-damaging effects of actually frying under the sun. What starts as a well-intentioned trip to the salon, can turn into a streaky, orange-y mess very quickly, sending you into a whirlwind of regret and frantic exfoliation to repair the damage.
The embarrassing side-effects of a bad spray tan might make you hesitate to book an appointment. Admittedly, it's a sensitive process that involves some prep and delicate post-spray care. But when you get it right — the result is a subtle skin radiance that has you feeling yourself.
To get the full scoop on what to do (and what not to do) when spray tanning, we chatted with St. Tropez's skin-finishing expert, Sophie Evans. She gave us all the tips and tricks to get a flawless spray tan every time — so you can flaunt a streak-free glow, no blotchy ankles allowed.
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