Bottoms Up: Abbie Chatfield & Normal Just Released An Anal Play Kit

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Aussie sexual wellness brand Normal has quickly become known for its cheeky marketing and toe-curlingly good vibrators. And now, it's making its first foray into anal play with the launch of its latest kit in collaboration with the sex-positive queen herself, Abbie Chatfield. Introducing: Option A.
A new modular kit, this is a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure set that features a small plug, a medium plug, a vibrating bullet (which can be used solo or inserted into either plug to transform it into a vibrating butt plug), a remote for easy use, and the cutest toolkit bag we’ve seen in a long time.
The kit was designed with everyone in mind, from beginners to long-time booty lovers, offering dozens of different techniques, positions and combinations, to allow everyone to explore anal.
As you may know, this isn't Abbie's first sex toy collab, but it's one that's been on her mind for a while. It was actually Abbie's experience with anal that led to the idea for the collaboration. "I wanted to create this kit with Normal because I know that anal can be some of the most pleasurable, intimate, intense and full-body sex you'll ever have," said Abbie.
"I remember the first time I was curious about trying anal, I was a bit overwhelmed because, like all of us, I didn’t get any sex-positive info when I was growing up. We often have this stereotype that anal is what we see in porn — hard and fast penetration with a penis or dildo — and while that can be great, it’s just one way to explore anal play."
The kit was designed to tackle the taboos around anal sex and give people a different way to explore butt stuff, according to Normal’s co-founder, Lucy Wark.
"We created Normal because we think everyone deserves to ‘find their normal’ without shame or stigma when it comes to sex and pleasure — and empowering everyone to explore anal play is the next wave in the ‘sexual wellness movement’, which has been tackling taboos and destigmatising conversations about sexuality over the last decade."
And considering the rise in curiosity and exploration, especially for younger Australians — one in three millennial females and one in four males — anal is a big part of bedroom play that people are keen to try.
As we mentioned before, the kit is sort of a progressive set of anal toys, with the entry point being a small bullet vibrator, which you can gradually insert into either the smaller or bigger butt plug as you work your way through the kit. Regardless of where you're at in your anal journey, you're going to want to load up on a specially designed anal lube before you get to the good stuff.
According to Normal’s co-founder and certified sex coach Georgia Grace, anal is the unsung hero of sex — and we're inclined to agree. "It feels good, can be deeply pleasurable, experience full body orgasms and is incredibly relaxing," explains Georgia.
"All people, sexualities and genders have lots of pleasurable nerve endings and erectile tissue — in fact the anus has the second highest concentration of nerve endings in your body. And really it can be for anyone — some people enjoy anal sex or stimulation on its own, and others like it as part of wider sexual experiences."

Option A Kit Reviews

So what's it like to use the actual kit? Here's what a few R29 readers had to say about the new Option A kit.

Indie* (she/her)

"I've always been a bit of a dabbler in butt stuff, so this launch definitely piqued my interest. My partner isn't interested in trying this kinda thing himself (yet...) but he's more than happy to indulge me. We had fun exploring the kit together and started with the vibrating bullet. It made for a deliciously good blended orgasm and only got us more excited to use the rest of the kit."

Rebecca (they/them)

"This is an amazing product. High-quality build and materials; I wasn't the slightest bit concerned about using it. The fact that there are two sizes of butt plugs meant that I could take it slower because I haven't done butt stuff for a while. The mind-melting orgasm was incredible. Highly recommend it for those who are curious and/or out of practice for a really good time."

Sophie* (she/her)

"Although the colour reminded me of Bunnings, the material and the way it was made made it feel very bougie. For someone who goes in and out of anal play, this is the perf starter kit if you want to explore that side of your sexuality as it gives you a variety of options to play around with."

Lachy (He/Him)

"The packaging is very chic. My partner also encouraged me to use it as a bathroom essentials travel pack — obvs I always bring the butt plugs with me. At first glance, the toys aren't as intimidating as most of them."
Consider us sold. If you'd like to learn more about Normal's Option A, head here.
*Some names have been changed for anonymity.
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