What Is A Blended Orgasm & How Do I Have One?

Photographed by Ruby Woodhouse.
An orgasm is just an orgasm, right? Well... not exactly. While all orgasms feel pretty amazing to most people and none are inherently better than others, there are some major differences between the types of orgasms people who have vulvas can feel — mainly, that they can come from several different kinds of stimulation.
Most people probably know about two types of orgasms vulva-havers can experience: clitoral and vaginal. But sex experts say there are 12 types of orgasms, total, including climaxes from nipple stimulation and from kissing (yes, just from kissing). But perhaps one of the strongest possible orgasms (for some people, at least, because all bodies are different), are blended orgasms, which result from a combo of the stimulation types.
So, maybe your partner rubs your clitoris while they finger you (a combo of vaginal and clitoral stimulation), or maybe they suck your nipples as they're penetrating you with a penis or a strap-on (a combo of nipple and vaginal stimulation). Even describing a dirty fantasy while you're having sex can result in a mind-blowing blended orgasm, because some people can orgasm from sexual fantasy alone.
Most commonly, though, people get off from a clit/g-spot combination. While sex therapist Vanessa Marin doesn't approve of classifying orgasms in this way — because she feels that it puts pressure on women to achieve a certain type of orgasm (or any orgasm at all) — she wrote on her website that "the combination of sensations can be mind-blowing for so many women,”
In order to have a blended orgasm, you or your partner should stimulate your body both externally and internally at the same time. Certain sex toys will do this for you, like a rabbit vibrator, which has a long arm for internal stimulation and a shorter arm for clitoral stimulation. But if you're having sex with a partner, you can also make a blended orgasm happen by having them rub your clitoris with a finger while they penetrate you with a sex toy or penis, having them finger you while they lick your clit, or using a hands-free vibrator while they penetrate you, among other things.
Feel free to also add in other fun activities, like dirty talk, nipple clamps, anal sex with a penis or butt plugs, and soft caresses or harder hits on erogenous zones like the butt, feet, neck, or inner thigh. The more areas of your body that you can stimulate, the more likely you are to have that mind-blowing blended orgasm.
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