11 Women Share Their Tricks For A Guaranteed Orgasm, Every Time

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Hundreds of pieces have been written about the ecstasy of orgasms: from the different types of orgasms to unforgettable orgasms; first orgasms and even the elusive anal orgasm.
Our libido and sexual preferences continue to fluctuate throughout our lives. Why do we like the things we like? And why do our turn-ons and turn-offs change? But while our sexual appetites may sway, most of us have a tried-and-tested way to orgasm tucked in our back pocket. Experimentation in sex and recognising that orgasming isn't always the end goal is important, but sometimes, you're just itching for a climax.
Research shows that around 10 – 15% of cis women are anorgasmic, meaning that they can't orgasm. On top of that, many more women experience difficulty reaching an orgasm. That's why we're all ears when it comes to real women's real tips on how they get off.
Here, 11 Australian women open up to Refinery29 Australia about the techniques, methods, toys and tricks they use to guarantee an orgasm, every single time.
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