What’s The Hype Around Melbourne Brand Mr Winston?

Photo via @mrwinstonco/Instagram.
Remember when sweatpants were just sweatpants? Now, thanks to the copious hours we've spent inside, they've truly evolved into a wardrobe staple that doesn't scrimp on style or comfort.
One brand in particular has captured the attention of Melburnians and international style stalkers alike — Mr Winston. (The name comes from the owners' 14-year-old golden retriever). While the brand started off in 2017, its popularity reached new heights in 2020, thanks to a pair of thick, cream ribbed pants (the ultimate WFH pant) and a simple crewneck emblazoned with the brand name. 
Now, the brand boasts over 108,000 Instagram followers and has picked up a loyal fanbase of hopeful customers waiting dutifully for its next drop. Unlike traditional brands, Mr Winston operates on a limited run basis, meaning that items are restocked approximately every four to five weeks. It currently manufactures its garments locally and aims to keep it that way, even as the business grows. 
A commitment to local manufacturing and sustainability is important to the brand, and has become even more of a priority in recent months. Its recently launched Re-Work, a collection of one-of-a-kind, recycled, and upcycled garments. All fabric and construction for its latest pieces have been produced locally. But while Mr Winston has a line of tie tops, bike shorts and more — it's mostly known for its hoodies.
The collection that has captured the most attention of Mr Winston fans is its ‘sport’ garments. Chunky, bright, lightweight hoodies in lemon yellow, royal blue and green are the crown jewels of social media. So much so, that a hoodie's resale price is regularly higher than its original selling price of $125. Conversations on TikTok are divided, with some people stressing out that they’ll miss out on the next drop, while others just not seeing the hype.
Regardless of what you think, it’s undeniable that Mr Winston has elevated itself into cult status. But Instagram success is not new to the owners of Mr Winston — behind the brand is mother-and-daughter duo, Melbourne-based creative Ella Davidson and mum Karen, who know their way around social media and slow fashion.
Ella created The Drobe in 2013 with a friend, an Instagram secondhand reselling page with over 60,000 followers, where purchases in the triple digits aren’t uncommon. And if a digital fashion empire is what these women are after, they’re definitely well on the way there.
For those who miss out on Mr Winston's semi-regular drops (which are known to sell out in minutes) — take a squiz at these alternatives.
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