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10 Mother’s Day Gifts For All The Mother Figures You’re Buying For

Mother's Day is just around the corner. So while you might be firing up the sibling group chat to organise a present for your mum right now, you're probably also starting to think about what to get for the other 'mother figures' in your life.
From your favourite Aunty to the family friend who gives the best advice, these mothers all deserve a little TLC and pampering this year — because they might not have given birth to you but have raised you in some way.
Considering gift buying can become a little stressful in the lead-up to significant events like this, we've compiled a list of gifts — ranging from cute homewares to fitness essentials — for inspiration so you can avoid the last-minute rush.

Frank Green - The Essentials Gift Set (Large)

Everyone deserves to be a Frank Green girlie. If the person you're buying for already received a classic Frank Green emotional support water bottle for Christmas, opt for one of their adorable gift sets. If you're looking for something classic, the Frank Green Essentials Gift Set - Large would work as a treat. However, if you're looking for something a little more tailored to someone's interests, there's a Dog Gift Set, Cat Gift Set, and a Coffee Lovers Gift Set to name a few. To take the personalisation a little further, each set can be customised and monogrammed too, and each comes with a sleeve and message card, so they’re ready for gifting.
If a set doesn't tickle your fancy, you could opt for one of their new Wine Bottle Coolers ($69.95), which are perfect for any upcoming winter picnics.

Lululemon Double Roller

Being a mum is stressful. With stress, unfortunately, can come back pain — and having a foam roller handy to stretch out any knots is essential (even if you're not an F45 devotee). This Lululemon double roller ($79) is a chic and convenient tool for any mum to keep on hand.

L'Occitane Hand Spa Collection

Winter is coming, and that means one thing: dry skin. The windy, crisp weather combined with using hand sanitiser to ward off this flu season is a recipe for cracked, dehydrated skin. I can't think of a human alive who wouldn't want to indulge in a bit of moisturising with L'occitane's Hand Spa Collection ($85) right now.

Maison Margiela By The Fireplace Candle

Buying a candle as a gift can sometimes feel like a cop-out because of how simple they are. But seriously, who could complain about receiving one as classically scented as Maison Margiela By The Fireplace ($57)?

Reliquia Collective Trinket Tray

Everyone needs a tray for their miscellaneous 'stuff' that sits messily on a bedside table — think earrings, AirPods, chapsticks etc. A trinket tray is the best way to control your chaos, and this Reliquia Collective tray ($249) is a gorgeous little number that'd find its place in any home.

RAINS Weekend Bag

Cozy weekend getaways and staycations are finally here, so setting your mother figure up for one is a great option. The RAINS Weekend bag ($100) is the perfect size for a night away in the Hunter and could also work as a carry-on for a long-haul flight for a Euro-getaway this year.

Molly Baz' Cook This Book

While saving recipes from TikTok and Instagram is the norm, there's nothing better than having a reliable cook book on hand for fresh ideas in the kitchen. Molly Baz' 'Cook This Book' ($21) features easily replicable recipes for everything from zhuzhed-up pastas to how-tos on mastering basic skills in the kitchen.

COS Oversized Fringed Scarf

There's nothing better than layering an outfit — it's something we Aussies, unfortunately, miss out on for most of the year. But alas, the three-month window in which wearing a scarf might work is here, and COS' Oversized Fringed Scarf ($150) is the cosiest possible gift you could give.

Gucci Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish

We know we don't have to preach again about the cost of living right now. If at-home manicures have become a staple for the mother figure in your life, a bougie Gucci Vernis nail polish ($57) would be a no-brainer staple to add to the rotation.

Atmos&Here Emma Long PJ Set

Pyjamas are an underrated gift. While sleeping in an old t-shirt and track pants is okay, having a set of PJs that were made to be slept in feels a lot bougier and comfortable — and this Atmos&Here Emma Long set ($89.99) looks like it'd do the trick exactly.

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