Your 2024 Money Horoscope Is Here & You Need To Re-envision

Cosmic beings, this year is about re-envisioning everything you’ve known about money. With Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, spending the first five of the months in the sign of Taurus before making a dramatic shift into Gemini on 25th May, we’ll collectively feel a push and pull between the need to secure our nest egg and the desire to enjoy our money in the present moment, without overthinking it. 
It’s advised to wait until the astrological new year begins on 19th March before launching yourself in brand new financial investments — eclipse season will provide plenty of fresh opportunities for rebranding ourselves or changing our career paths in order to invite in more lucrative opportunities. The main question, however, is if we’re choosing paths that are spiritually fulfilling rather than simply lining our pockets. Choose wisely. 
We may particularly feel money-savvy at the end of April and throughout the month of May due to the fact that both Venus and Mars will be in the signs that they respectively rule — Venus will be in Taurus from 29th April to 23rd May, and Mars, the Planet of Action, will be in Aries from 30th April to 9th June. Circle these dates as key moments to pitch a product, ask for a raise, or find a money mentor. 
Pluto’s retrograde in Aquarius (and Capricorn) from 2nd May to 11th October encourages us to examine our subconscious thought patterns regarding money — any limiting beliefs will be exposed during this time, and then they’ll pop back up for us to re-evaluate once Mars begins its retrograde through Leo on 6th December. Fortunately, the Capricorn new moon on 30th December is an indication that even with the financial ups and downs that we may face this year, we’re likely to end the year feeling more financially confident and secure than we felt at the end of 2023. 

Aries Sun & Rising: 

When it comes to finance for you this year, Aries, the North Node’s presence in your sign will help you glow-up by making sure the financial choices you make are in alignment with your values. As the year begins, your planetary ruler Mars enters Capricorn on 4th January, lighting up your career sector for six weeks. Use the Capricorn new moon on the 11th to set clear intentions about the changes you’re ready to implement in your career to maximise your income — just make sure this is implemented in a sustainable way. 
You’ll have to take the step-by-step approach to wealth building, particularly during the first five months of the year when Jupiter is still in Taurus, activating your money sector. The more you connect to Earth, whether that’s through purchasing or investing in eco-friendly products or brands, or walking barefoot in the forest, the more rich you’ll feel (internally and externally). 
Once eclipse season starts in March and the total solar eclipse new moon strikes in your sign on 8th April, you may receive epiphanies about a talent of yours that could be monetised, but take your time to truly check in with yourself if that’s the course of action you want to take. Some talents can simply remain hobbies, and that can feel rewarding too. 
Use Mercury’s retrograde in Aries from 1st to 25th April to review your spending and save for rainier days such as when Mars shifts retrograde in Leo on 6th December, forcing you to stop keeping up with the Joneses and instead get clear on what your true priorities are and why. 

Taurus Sun & Rising: 

Taurus, the first five months of the year can change the game for you, financially speaking. You just have to be willing to put in the work, as Jupiter’s continued transit through your sign could lead to you remaining in your comfort zone. Fortunately, once Uranus, the Planet of Change, shifts direct in your sign on 27th January, you’re entering a seven-month cycle of allowing innovative and out-of-the-box visions to propel you to greater financial prosperity. Keep an eye out for tech-based initiatives that you’re invited to take part in, especially since Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, will be in Aquarius, the sign of social networks, for most of this year. 
With Pluto in Aquarius squaring off with your Taurus nature this year (and until 2044, so get used to it), you’ll have no choice but to let go of the status-quo and collaborate with people who highlight your untapped potential. Make sure you have solid contracts in place though and that you’ve read and agreed to the fine print in any financial partnerships you make. 
Some of your prime moments for money manifestation will occur when Venus, the Planet of Love, Magnetism, and Money, enters your sign (the sign that it rules and feels at home in) on 29th April to 23rd May, as well as when Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, enters Gemini on May 25th and stimulates your money sector for the next 13 months. While you’re likely to generate more money during Jupiter’s transit through Gemini, your tendency to easily spend it is also high, so cultivating self-discipline and creating a wealth-building strategy are your most crucial missions. 

Gemini Sun & Rising: 

This is the year everything changes for you, Gemini. During the first five months of 2024, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, remains in Taurus, shedding light on your sector of spirituality and healing. This would be the best time to heal any money wounds you have — they most likely stem from your childhood. Take time to write down your money story, ask your parents and family members questions about where their own money stories derived from, and bravely decide that you’re ready to write a more empowering story for yourself. 
The intentions you set for yourself at the Gemini new moon on 9th June will serve you for the six months to come. Allow yourself to visualise ways to increase your net worth with the help of your community. Pluto in Aquarius will be here to help you brainstorm ways to spread your wealth rather than hoard it. You may also be focused on paying down any debt you have, as Jupiter’s forthcoming entrance in your sign wants you to feel lighter rather than be burdened by responsibilities. 
The Universe will particularly grant your wishes starting 25th May, when Jupiter enters your sign for the next 13 months. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything you touch will turn to gold, but it does mean you’ll be feeling more optimistic about yourself and what you can bring forth financially. If you’ve been wanting to ask for a raise or promotion, or delve into entrepreneurial ventures, taking the risk is likely to pay off in your favor. However, it’s advised to be more frugal once Jupiter’s retrograde in your sign begins on 9th October (and Mars also begins a retrograde in Leo on 6th December) — things may appear to slow down for you financially in Q4 as a result.

Cancer Sun & Rising: 

Cancer, this year (and every year, because you’re a moon child) you’re likely to manifest most of your wealth through the power of new and full moons. If you weren’t yet aware of your connection with the moon, this is your sign to not take it for granted. The Leo new moon on 4th August is particularly important as it lights up your money sector, allowing you to feel more confident and bold about financial decisions you make around that time (and the six months to follow). If there were ever a time to allow yourself to visualise earning more than you’ve ever earned before, it’d be now. 
The next part of your mission has to do with being a conscious spender and investor — that’s something you’ve been working on most of this decade, and it’s during eclipse season that you’re likely to see the pathways that ensure you put your money where your mouth is. Make note of 25th March and 25th April as well as 17th September and 2nd October as pivotal periods of the year where you may notice dramatic shifts in the way you handle or receive money. 
It’s also essential that you practice discernment when it comes to any financial partnerships you form this year, particularly when Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, re-enters Capricorn for a final time from 1st September to 19th November. This period may test you and a partner (either romantic or business), and the way you choose to react to life’s plot twists will determine how successful the fourth quarter of the year will flow for you. 

Leo Sun & Rising: 

Leo, as much as you’re known for buckling down, getting to business, and securing your empire, this year is very much about learning how to combine and maximise your resources by intentionally merging them with the right person, or people. With Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, spending most of the year in your opposite sign of Aquarius, you’re moving away from ego-centred realities and focusing instead on how you can be of service to the collective. 
Many Leos will start to leave jobs that they feel are too ingrained in hyper-capitalist culture, and instead seek out or create positions where they can actively make the world a better place. If this speaks to you, your mission is to not succumb to the limiting belief that having a job that contributes to a better world means you won’t be paid much… We’re now in the Age of Aquarius, which means we can manifest greater equity, by working collectively rather than individually. Get clear on the ideal amount that you’d like to earn each month, or year, and then work your way backward. The more specific you can be about how much you’d like to earn doing what you love, the better. 
You’ll start to notice this empowering shift within you around the first eclipse season at the end of March and throughout April, and then again once the Libra total solar eclipse occurs on 2nd October, stimulating your communication and creativity sector. It’s around this time that you may earn more attention and financial rewards for the powers of your own imagination, so if you’re an artist who’s been putting in the work for years, prepare to be recognised and to reap the rewards of your patience. 
The one caveat? Mars will begin its retrograde in your sign on 9th December, so as the year comes to an end you may have to grapple with finding ways to manage and maintain the influx of wealth that came through in earlier months. Focus on building an emergency fund rather than going on spending sprees during Sagittarius and Capricorn Season.

Virgo Sun & Rising: 

Virgo, as the year begins we’re fresh off the heels of your planetary ruler Mercury’s retrograde through Sagittarius, and this helps you take the slow and steady approach to creating a financial game plan for yourself. The Capricorn new moon on 11th January provides you with a six-month window for finding ways to increase your income by playing smarter and not working harder. 
The key to your prosperity this year, Virgo, is to let yourself have more fun! It’s when you keep putting pressure on yourself to have it all together that you end up succumbing to a scarcity-based mindset. But when you remember that we already live in an abundant universe that can provide us and everyone with everything we need to not only survive, but also thrive, you’ll start to see the signs pointing you in the right direction, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the choices you must make to plant seeds of prosperity in your life. 
Mercury will be retrograde three times this year — it’ll be retrograde in Aries from 1st to 25th April, retrograde in your sign and in Leo from 6th to 28th August, and then once more in Sagittarius from 25th November to 15th December. Use these retrograde periods (as well as Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces from 29th June to 15th November) to review your finances and reduce spending. Also keep an eye out for moments when people try to take advantage of your generosity — setting boundaries will be key. You can share your resources, but ideally you’ll have a secure financial foundation first. That way your generosity will come from a place of abundance rather than a feeling of obligation. 

Libra Sun & Rising: 

Libra, as the year begins, Mars’ entrance into Capricorn squares off (creates astrological friction) with your Libra nature, and this propels you to make significant changes to the way you view, talk about, and handle money. Chances are you were a bit too lax about it during the first three years of this decade, and now that the South Node is in your sign until 2025, you’re reflecting on the importance of cultivating a legacy and generational wealth — even if you don’t have children. 
The lunar eclipse in your sign on 25th March, followed by the solar eclipse in Aries on 8th April, is likely to have you completely re-evaluating your values. An event may occur that makes you realise the importance of building and securing a nest egg and emergency fund, if you don’t yet have one. Consider this eye-opening experience a catalyst to your financial prosperity, which you’re likely to feel truly kicks off during the total solar eclipse in your sign on 2nd October. Your ability to release limiting beliefs that were holding you back from going after the financial and professional opportunities you deserve will skyrocket during this eclipse, and the way you value yourself will also increase significantly. 
The fourth quarter of the year will be relatively smooth, up until 6th December when Mars begins its retrograde in Leo, activating your social and tech sector. This would be an ideal time to pay attention to where your money is going in terms of donations and investments, and re-strategise if necessary. 

Scorpio Sun & Rising: 

Scorpio, with your planetary ruler Mars entering Capricorn as 2024 begins, you’re likely to start off the year in peak strategy mode. This is due to the fact that your second planetary ruler, Pluto, will round out its stay in Capricorn during the first three weeks of January, making you feel a sense of urgency when it comes to creating a solid foundation from which to soar. 
Whether your priorities are paying off debt, building an emergency or savings fund, or beginning your conscious-investing journey, you’re likely to feel determined to stick to your goals. The key is to use the Capricorn new moon on 11th January — and the six months that follow — to create a clear, tangible, and consistent game plan for meeting those goals. By mid-year, you may be pleasantly surprised at what manifests. 
Another prime period for you financially occurs at the end of April and all throughout May due to Venus being in its home sign of Taurus and Mars entering its home sign of Aries. This combined energy will allow you to partner with the right people and use your creative talents to generate more prosperity in your life. But in order to do so you must not be afraid of being seen and putting yourself out there, boldly and consistently. 
Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini on 25th May gives you the green light to focus on growing generational wealth. If you’ve been wanting to apply for grants, scholarships, or create an investment portfolio, the next 13 months are prime time for you to get started, as you’ll feel by the cosmos, and also by your ancestors (Gemini rules the sector of depth and merging in your chart). Diversify your options, but avoid spreading yourself too thin or rushing to make major money decisions. The more you research and feel confident about your choices, the better. 
Keep this momentum going throughout the year, while also making sure to consistently save and re-invest what you earn. Once Sag Season starts on 22nd November your money sector will particularly be stimulated — however, Mars’ retrograde in Leo on 9th December could significantly slow down your momentum. Fortunately, the Capricorn new moon at the end of December will help boost your morale by reminding you that you always have the power to restructure, reroute, and reinvigorate your money flow. 

Sagittarius Sun & Rising: 

Sagittarius, 2024 is a game-changer for you financially. During the first five months of the year, your ruler Jupiter completes its stay in the grounded sign of Taurus, helping you better embrace the concept of “less is more.” This would be a good time to downsize if you’re living above your means, or consider having a garage sale or clothing swap if you’re testing out minimalism. Clearing out junk or unused items from your physical space will create room for prosperity to flow into your life, so start off the astrological new year on 22nd March with the spirit of simplicity and ease. 
Once Jupiter enters Gemini on 25th May, you’ll be focused on making money through strategic partnerships. Some Sagittarius’ may marry into wealth or feel like they’re better able to make an impact on their financial goals through working with an advisor or money manager. But once Jupiter’s retrograde begins in Gemini on 9th October, you may re-evaluate some of the partnership decisions you made, so make sure to have a solid contract in place before making anything official. 
Mercury’s retrograde through your sign from 25th November to 15th December gives you a preview of what’s to come once Mars, the Planet of Action, begins its retrograde through Leo on 6th December. If you feel like your cash flow is slowing down in November and December, the key is to find ways to remember your worth beyond the numbers in your bank account, because it’s normal for them to fluctuate. Instead, find ways to create a saving or investing strategy during these retrogrades that help guarantee that you always have a security blanket.

Capricorn Sun & Rising: 

Capricorn, you’re likely to be on top of your money game as the year begins, largely due to Mars, the Planet of Action, entering your sign for six weeks on 4th January, followed by the Capricorn new moon occurring 11th January. Whatever money intentions you set around 11th January are likely to take about six months to manifest in your life, and by mid-year you may feel more prosperous — both within yourself and spiritually — than you have so far this decade. 
This more abundant mindset is largely due to Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, re-entering Aquarius at the end of January, and remaining in Aquarius for the next 20 years (aside from a short shift back into Capricorn that will occur from 1st September and 19th November). Aquarius lights up your sector of money and self-esteem, and Pluto in Aquarius is here to help you completely rebrand yourself in whatever way feels most stimulating to you. You’re moving differently this year, in a way that’s even more aligned with your values, which means your money moves will be less predictable, but more rewarding. 
Please note that during Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces from 29th June to 15th November, Pluto’s retrograde from 2nd May to 11th October, and Mars’ retrograde in Leo from 6th December to January 2025, you may consider divesting your resources from organisations and businesses that support oppressive systems, and this may feel like one of the most significant money decisions you’ve made all year long. You can literally feel yourself shifting energetically, and this will pave the path for new forms of abundance to pour into your life, just in time for your birthday season and the Capricorn new moon at the end of the year. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising: 

Aquarius, how does it feel to be the cosmic favourite? In 2024 you’ll feel like you’ve entered a period where money can flow into your life with greater ease, and all you have to do is remain true to yourself. With one of your planetary rulers, Uranus, shifting direct in Taurus on 27th January, the first seven months of the year will help you revolutionise the way you speak about money and make money decisions. Instead of viewing money simply as a form of exchange, you’ll encourage others to see it as a political and socioeconomic tool that can either destroy or uplift communities, people, nations, and establishments. You are the representation of the Age of Aquarius, and in this era of The Great Awakening, the way you spend your money will be closely aligned with the values you choose to believe in. 
Saturn, your other planetary ruler, spends all year in Pisces, and starting 29th June its four-month retrograde could lead to you experiencing an ego-death of sorts, as Pisces energy activates your money sector, and Pisces is the sign of disillusionment. During Saturn’s retrograde, you may find yourself not caring about earning money that much, but instead dreaming up refreshing and regenerative ways to spend and invest the money you already have. Jupiter’s presence in your fellow air sign of Gemini starting 25th May (for a period of 13 months) will help you connect with like-minded souls who believe in a more prosperous future for the collective. 
Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, spends most of the year in your sign, and it’s gearing up for a 20-year stay there. This indicates that you may experience one of the most radical consciousness shifts of all zodiac signs, and you may vacillate from moments of wanting to earn money selfishly to moments of wanting to give it all away selflessly. Creating a sense of balance in your financial decisions by remaining grounded is one of the most beneficial choices you can make this year. And remember that if you ever get off track, you can begin again, or create a new lane altogether.

Pisces Sun & Rising: 

Pisces, it’s best to start off the year on a more mellow note, as Capricorn and Aquarius Season are best used for finding your bearings. Once the astrological new year begins on 19th March, followed by Mars’ entrance into your sign on the 22nd, you’ll start to be inspired to dream up new financial game plans and put them into action, by using your intuition as your compass. 
The total solar eclipse new moon in Aries on 8th April (and the six months to follow) is likely to be a game-changer for you, as this eclipse lights up your money and self-esteem sector. If you previously were feeling insecure about your finances or intimidated by the work that it’ll take to achieve financial freedom, this eclipse helps clear limiting beliefs from your mind. Take time to surround yourself with people who inspire you with the way they make, spend, invest, save and share their wealth. With Saturn, the Teacher Planet, in your sign all year long, you’ll be interested in learning more about wealth-building, and if you’ve already done your research you may find yourself in the position of teaching your fellow skymates how to manage their wealth. 
But once Saturn begins its four-month retrograde through your sign on 29th June, it’s best to be a quiet observer and take time to review your financial choices from the first half of the year. Your planetary ruler Jupiter will have entered Gemini on 25th May, and if left unchecked you could become overly optimistic about your earning potential without actually putting in the disciplined action to manifest those earnings consistently. Saturn’s retrograde through your sign, and subsequently Jupiter’s retrograde in Gemini (from 9th October to February 2025) could humble you by reminding you to not count your chickens before they hatch. 
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