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A Week In Melbourne As A Model/Waitress/Aspiring Writer On $45,000

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Today: a model/waitress/aspiring writer manages period pain with cranberry tablets, has plenty of cute moments with her boyfriend and buys Dr. Bronner’s Magic Balm from Priceline.
Occupation: Model/Waitress/Aspiring Writer
Industry: Fashion/Commercial Modelling/Hospitality 
Age: 29
Location: St Kilda, Melbourne
Salary: $45,800
Net Worth: -$102,300
Savings: $9,000
Debt: $73,000 USD ($111,300 AUD)
Paycheque Amount (Monthly): Modelling, $2,000, waitressing, $420.
Pronouns: She/Her

Monthly Expenses

Rent: $250 a week. I split the cost of rent three ways with my partner and another female housemate. My partner pays for my portion of the bills every month to help me save. The apartment is on the third level of a quaint three-story building. It’s perched right up on the coastline. The neighborhood is quiet and residential with an older demographic.  
Loan payments: I’ve deferred all payments and will continue to do so until I move back to the States full-time. I went to a private university in California which is probably double the cost of state education. A part of me wishes I went to State school, but my experience and the education I received were excellent. During COVID, the government gave us a generous grace period to make repayments. I also have a hospital bill from breaking my ankle three years ago. It was shockingly a lot cheaper hospital bills in America. My travel insurance covered half of it. I think I have $180 left to pay for ambulance costs. $50 comes out of my savings account automatically every month.  
Phone: $30
Gym: $156
Casting networks: $39.99
Spotify: $12.99
Netflix: $0, I use my sister's account
Format website: $34.55
Savings: With the pay I receive from waitressing, I put exactly half into my savings account. I only dip into my savings account to pay for rent, or if I'm in desperate need of an essential purchase. I grab my tips at the end of every month and use them as petty cash for small lunches and other bits and bobs. All payments I receive for modelling/commercial jobs go directly into my savings account. 

Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?

I took out a loan to attend a private university in California and received a Bachelor in Communications. I grew up very poor and my parents lived from paycheque to paycheque, which left us with no money for college. I was quite disappointed with this reality when the time came to pay for school but didn’t let that deter me from getting a unique experience in a different state.

Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?

As stated before, we grew up poor so any conversations about money were about how we didn’t have enough. I never really got properly educated on savings and finances until I was probably 21 years old. It was peak “Girl Boss” era, and I somewhat admired the women who worked their way towards financial freedom. I didn’t even know what a credit score was until I was 22. To this day, I have to admit, I still don’t really know how to properly save. I feel shame when it comes to spending and saving because having financial stability seems like a reality I’ll never be able to experience. I do try to educate myself more and more every day, and writing this diary has really opened my eyes to how frivolous my spending is.

What was your first job and why did you get it? 

I was a scorekeeper for elementary softball games in high school. I think it was $25 bucks a game, and I’d do two games after the school day. I played softball for years and really enjoyed the culture and environment of the game. I also wanted to start buying my own clothes and makeup without begging my mum for some money.

Did you worry about money growing up?

Yes and no. Although we were poor, my parents did somewhat of a good job making it seem like we weren’t. We always had food on the table and presents for Christmas. In saying that, both my parents are deaf and when I was younger, the world wasn’t very accessible for deaf people, so my sister and I often had to be their translators. This included going to the welfare offices and finding out what resources were available for my parents with such limited income. My dad also got laid off in 2011 as a result of the economy crashing so that was concerning as well.

Do you worry about money now?

Yes. All the time. This is the most amount of money I’ve ever saved in my whole entire life. I thank my consistent career in modelling for giving me a jump start in saving. But because I see all this money in my account, I only want to reward myself for working hard; I want to reward my younger self with all the ice creams she wasn’t able to have because of how poor we were and give her all the shoes and pretty jewellery she’s always wanted. So sometimes I spend, but then immediately worry about when my next big cheque will come. It’s an endless cycle of reward and worry. 

At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net?

I would say 27. That’s when I started taking modelling seriously. When I realised how much money commercial shoots would pay, I knew it was time to start taking saving seriously. I saved and saved and would try to limit my spending. I don’t have any financial safety net which is why I can only count on myself to become something… someone who can start thinking about my future kids and their path to adulthood. Someone who can buy them ice cream and lovely jewellery when deserved. Someone who can parent a child who never has to know what it’s like to be poor. 

Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? If yes, please explain.

I wish.

Day 1 

9:05am —  Massive sleep-in with my partner, E, which is rare! He works as an independent trader in the mornings and as a head chef at a very popular Italian restaurant during the evenings and rarely has time to rest. 
9:30am —  We have a shot of Spirulina as our multivitamin which helps our energy levels and makes me feel healthier because it’s green and tastes like seaweed. 
9:45am — We both have the day off so we head out the door for our “Hot Couple Walk” along the coast. 
10:15am — It’s another beautiful morning so we decide to stop and sit at a cafe perched right on the beach and order something. Cappuccino for him, no coffee for me because it gives me anxiety. He encourages me to grab an Acia bowl. 
11:45am —  My agency requests a current selfie for a beauty shoot coming up that they’d like to put me forward for. I take photos in the sun while my boyfriend glares in amusement. Send. Fingers crossed I book the job! I give him a kiss for good luck. 
12:15pm — I send an invoice to a creative agency for a massive campaign shoot I was in last year. They’ve decided to extend the final cut 10 more seconds which was not in the original contract. I re-sign a revised contract and send an invoice of what I should be paid according to industry rates. Score! 
12:22pm — I’m notorious for paying people back weeks later, so I calculate everything I owe and bank transfer sending my sincerest apologies for the delay. Luckily my friends are understanding and hyper-aware of my forgetfulness. A shared car ride to last week’s Boiler Room set in Williamstown ($13.50) and my share of the cost of a vibrator we all decided to gift to our friend for her 31st birthday. $33.75
1:15pm —  Time for lunch! I whip us up an egg and bacon omelette and throw it in a ciabatta bun with some arugula while watching the Boy Swallows Universe. Tastes great.
1:37pm — My period commences which explains my sudden intense craving for ice cream the past three days. I convince E it’s a good idea to take a stroll to Piccollina and get a vegan pistachio sorbet. My treat ($15.70). $15.70 
1:57pm —  I realise I need cranberry tablets which remedy my period cramps. I stop by the chemist and grab some. $19.99
2:35pm —  My period cramps are rapidly increasing, and I’m starting to feel quite lethargic. I tell myself it’s OK to rest and that this is a tactical nap for later. The girls and I plan to see The Color Purple at the cinema tonight at 7:30pm, and I tend to fall asleep during movies. 
3:30pm —  Fish oil supplements help remedy my period pain as well, and I realise I am out of those too. E offers to head over to the shops and grab some for me. He pays and comes back with a jar alongside my favourite Loco Love chocolate. Love him to bits! 
6:40pm — Got caught up cuddling and realise I’m running late! I throw a tracksuit on forgetting it’s nearly 72 degrees out, kiss my lover goodbye, and run to catch the next tram and head toward Melbourne Central ($5.30). I transfer my friend $24.15 who made the initial order of our tickets. $29.45
7:23pm — I need snacks. I run to Coles and grab more chocolate. Tony’s salted almond dark chocolate ($7) is exactly what I need today. $7
7:44pm — I settle on having a “girl dinner” this evening and treat myself to some popcorn and a Pepsi Max at the cinema where I meet everyone ($17.20). My heart is full as I haven’t seen us all together since getting back from America two weeks ago. We hug and laugh and rally into the theatre. $17.20
10:20pm — The movie concludes with all of us in tears. 10/10 film, highly recommend it. We debate whether some of us should share a cab but decide on being responsible and catch public transportation home ($5.30). I complete my daily Duolingo on the tram. I’m planning on going to Italy in April so I’d like to be able to say a few basic phrases before heading over. $5.30
11:15pm — I arrive home to a giggly boyfriend. We joke and tease each other over a cup of tea. He put on a load of my laundry to cheer me up so we hang the clothes up together. I shower and head to bed. 
12:10am —Dozing off, I hear E snoring on the couch. I chuckle to myself and fall asleep. 
Daily Total: $128.39

Day 2

9:02am — Another sleep-in; period maintenance and cramps woke me up several times last night. My partner decided to stay home to help with the morning tasks I usually accomplish. I need the support from him today. 
10:00am — I make us eggs and toast to go alongside our fruit salad and sip on a cup of herbal tea to help with the cramps. We eat, we drink, we’re merry. We go our separate ways, and I work on personal stuff such as portfolio updating, writing projects, sending out casting applications, answering emails, etc.
12:10pm — E. suggests we go for a stroll, and I agree knowing it’ll be good to move while bleeding… the pain is tolerable but still present today. 
1:45pm — I settle on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and dried mangoes for lunch because it’s easy and technically free.
2:31pm — Nap time is essential before I start an evening shift at work as it’s quite a social job. I picked it up as a second gig when saving up to head back to America last year, but I quickly found the work environment to be quite enjoyable. I love my coworkers and the food is great. I also get to work with my partner so triple score!
3:37pm — I receive a text in the work group chat asking if anyone wants the night off as it’s not too busy. I quickly volunteer envisioning a night to myself ordering takeaway while curling up on the couch watching the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules. Win. I also have a nine-hour call-time tomorrow and need to mentally prep for that.
4:05pm — I take a much-needed shower and answer emails about wardrobe for tomorrow’s shoot. Then I permit myself to lay down. 
6:33pm — Time for dinner! While watching Vanderpump Rules, I order wings from a Japanese restaurant on DoorDash and make a salad to go with it while it’s on the way. I’ve ordered from here for years and their fried chicken slaps. I decided to Afterpay it ($5.13) as I don’t have any cash in my account which is rare! The episode is good. $5.13
7:20pm —There’s a small bit of Ben & Jerry’s left in the freezer, so I settle for that and leftover Tony’s chocolate from the film yesterday. My period makes me a hungry monkey. 
8:45pm — Finally deciding to be productive again so I fold the dry laundry from yesterday. I vacuum the floors and put the clothes away and give my hair some much-needed maintenance for tomorrow’s shoot.
10:25pm — My partner missed the tram and had to walk home so he’s back a bit late for a Wednesday shift. He’s extra quiet which means he’s tired and annoyed after work. He showers, and I offer him head scratches in bed while we fall asleep. 
Daily Total: $5.13 

Day 3

6:30am — E.’s alarm goes off, and he asks me if I want to join him for his walk. I decline as I know I have a long day ahead of me and need the extra Z’s. 
7:00am — My alarm goes off, and I decide to sleep in until E gets back from his walk.
7:30am — I get out of bed to start packing a wardrobe bag to bring on set with me today. 
8:00am — E.’s made a beautiful bowl of porridge and fruit, and I devour it in five minutes. I usually don’t eat before shoots, so this is nice. 
8:20am — I have a quick shower to freshen up, and get ready to head out. My hair is looking great, and I’m proud of myself for freshening up my cornrows without spending $200 to get them redone. 
8:51am — I run to catch the tram. I spent too long saying goodbye to E. I make it just in time. $5.30
9:30am — I arrive on set, and I’m greeted with familiar faces! I’ve worked with the production company plenty of times, and I’m glad to have a great crew for this shoot!
9:45am — The makeup artist is a fellow model friend of mine and we squeal and catch up while she preps my face. 
10:03am —The runner asks everyone for their coffee orders. I order a matcha latte with oat milk and a little bit of honey. It’s free!
1:00pm — It’s finally lunchtime. I assumed my role for today’s shoot would be an easy one, but it turns out I’m required for almost every scene. I’m a bit exhausted. The producer makes a collective decision to order Japanese for lunch, and I settle with a beef rice bowl… need the iron. That's also free.
1:15pm — I devour it. I get a phone call from an employee from Onitsuka Tiger to say that the shoes I’ve been wanting finally arrived in my size! I’m right across the road from Melbourne Emporium, so I ask the producer if I can run over during my next downtime. She says yes. 
3:17pm — Two wardrobe changes later, she gives me the green light to grab my shoes. I run over, try them on, and they’re perfect! My mum gave me cash for my 29th birthday a couple weeks ago when I was back in America for Christmas and the conversion rate from USD to AUD is unreal. I decide to use some of that money to spend on these shoes so technically it’s kinda free? Girl math. $250
5:00pm — My wrap time is 6:30pm, and I worry I won’t make it to work this evening at 7pm. I let the producer know and she makes sure to get me out of here by 6:30pm. 
6:32pm — Wrap time! A quick change, and I rush to the tram stop. Need to reach Chapel Street in 25 minutes. I catch the tram to Flinders Station (free tram zone). Check maps, the train to Sandringham is in two minutes. Sprint and barely make it, empathising with a guy who tried to pry the closing doors open but didn't make it.
7:00pm — I make it to work right on the dot.
10:34pm — The scheduled tram is late, and E and I pray we don’t miss the connecting tram as the next one doesn’t come for another 20 minutes ($3.30). $3.30
10:40pm — We hop off this tram and miss the next tram by a hair… you can’t have it all. We walk home to help our dinner digest (we get a free meal with every shift). 
10:55pm — I show off my new sneakers to E. and promise him and myself that I’m in “saving mode" from this point forward. Rent is due today. I transfer him my portion. $250
11:30pm — Shower, giggles, cuddles and bed. 
Daily Total: $258.60

Day 4

6:30am — E’s alarm goes off and he asks me if I want to join him for his walk today. Half awake, I say maybe and he comes in closer for a cuddle. We both sleep for another hour.
7:30am — I didn’t sleep very well last night as the mosquitoes were eating us alive all night long. E gets up and goes for his walk, I sleep another hour.
9:00am —Onwards and upwards. I tidy up and bit, wash my face, change, take out the trash and start on breakfast. I’m making poached eggs today and it’s a craft that makes me very nervous. E. suggests vinegar to help. 
9:10am — I get a charge from my gym every Friday ($39.99). Luckily I put enough money in there. If there’s not enough money in your account to charge, I get a $10 penalty fee. I’m proud of myself for remembering this week. $39.99
10:15am — Poached eggs are a success! I’m very proud of the results. On the menu today: avocado toast with poached eggs and Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning I brought over from America. Aint nothing like it. We eat together. 
10:15am — Another bank charge notification. *Le sigh.*  I’m paying off the ambulance fee that wasn’t fully covered by my travel insurance for some reason. I get charged $50 a month as that's all I could really afford at the time. $50
11:20am — ANOTHER bank charge! I have a website through Format and opted out of the yearly subscription for some reason. It’s charged in USD which means it feels more expensive in Australian dollars. I got an email a couple weeks ago saying the monthly payment is increasing by about a couple of bucks…far out, I should’ve got the yearly subscription. $34.55
11:30am — E. comes to annoy me and he encourages me to grab a coffee with him. It’s his second one this morning… no comment. 
11:52am — We decide to sit at one of our favourite cafes down the road. He orders a cappuccino, and I order an oat chai latte. We people watch and pat dogs that pass by. I absolutely love this Italian cafe by us. I pay for our drinks. $10.99 
12:15pm — Meat Smith is across the road and their chicken schnitzels are so yum. We settle on that for dinner tonight, and I promise to wait for him for dinner tonight. He pays. 
1:15pm — I head towards Priceline to see if they have Dr. Bronner’s Magic Balm. I’ve recently run out, and that stuff is truly lifesaving. There’s one left! I immediately grab it and search for Q-tips as well. $19.48
2:00pm — I go to Coles and get some colourful cherry tomatoes, lettuce, tins of tuna, truffle chips, and a cheeky vegan ice cream sandwich for E and I to share later for dessert. $23.77
5:30pm — Long nap. I get up and watch a couple of YouTube videos until my brain feels fried.
7:30pm — I decided to clean the bathroom to feel productive. I shower after and force myself to go on a sunset walk.
8:30pm — I walk along the coast, and I’m thankful I took myself out for a walk. My joints are feeling stiff. I take some photos of the sky as you do when the sun its looking that good, and walk back home. 
9:00pm — I watch the new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and start prepping dinner. The episode is entertaining. 
10:30pm — E. comes home, showers, and we eat dinner while finally finishing the last 30 min of Boy Who Swallows Universe. There’s some food left over, so I wrapped that up and Pinky promised myself I’d eat it before it went bad.
11:30pm — We share the ice cream sandwich, have a cup of tea, and get ready for bed. 
Daily Total: $54.24 

Day 5

7:30am — E's alarm gets us out of bed for a walk after a few more minutes of cuddling.
8:00am — Our coastal walk is beautiful, complete with a cafe stop by the beach.
9:45am — Returning home, E. is downhearted about work frustrations, but I assure him a farmer's market visit will lift his spirits.
10:27am — E.’s feeling a lot more cheery after having lovely chats with the local farmers and gardeners. We’re proud of our purchases as everything seems to be a lot let pricey as the supermarket when bought seasonally. We take turns buying what we need. Eggs, potatoes, veggies, seasonal fruit, mushrooms, and freshly caught fish. $27.70
11:00am — We head back to the house and decide on having potatoes, eggs, and mushrooms for brunch. E puts everything away while I chop up the potatoes.
11:20am — I get a message from the friend group chat that a few of them are heading to Sandringham Beach. My period is finally over, so I decide to join them this afternoon after E. leaves for work.
11:45am — E. and I end up in a big conversation about his work. He gets emotional, and I comfort him, assuring him that things will get better. He feels now more than ever the societal pressures of being a man and providing for a family. He wonders if he’s doing enough for me. It was a good conversation that brought us closer. As a result, the potatoes end up a bit burnt. We giggle over this and continue cooking.
12:30pm — Food is delicious, and we’re satisfied. I volunteer to clean up while E gets ready for work. 
2:00pm — I grab the next bus and eagerly meet my friends on a very crowded beach. ($3.30). $3.30
3:30pm — The four of us complain about the sun and heat and speak on exercise, partying, boys, work…the whole shebang. Before you know it, it’s time for me to catch the next bus home ($3.30), and I’m bummed. I blow kisses as it’s too hot to hug and head to the stop. $3.30
5:17pm — After a nice shower and cleanup, I feel refreshed for work. I put on something cute to feel... something. I take two trams, and I’m there. $5.30
9:30pm — Work speeds by, and we all put in our meal requests for dinner. I’m trying to indulge as much as I can before Monday, so I’m getting the lamb ragu pasta. My favourite. We all eat together outside and talk about our week. I make an announcement that I’m on the fence about returning the shoes I bought the other day. After tracking my spending this week, I couldn’t fathom how much I spend without even thinking. We all discuss, and they concluded I should I keep the shoes. I’m still on the fence.
11:00pm — Customers decide to linger this evening so our clock-out time is late today. E. waits for me while we close up shop and we head home together. We decide to walk as it was a nice night out. 
11:40pm — We’re exhausted. We both take turns showering, and go straight to bed. 
Daily Total: $37.40

Day 6

7:30am — E.’s alarm goes off. It’s already so hot. It’s estimated to be 37 degrees out today. It’s Sunday, so I decide to sleep in as long as my body will let me.
8:30am — E. returns from his walk and encourages me to go to the beach as early as possible. The temperature is rising fast! I lay in bed and chat with E. while he gets ready for work.  Kisses and goodbye, and I lay in bed for another hour scrolling through all the social media platforms.
9:30am — Time to get up. I throw a load in and eat breakfast while that’s going. I’m feeling the fruit we bought yesterday at the farmer’s market and decided to stew it up with some oats, honey, and cinnamon. It smells divine and tastes like your favourite aunty’s cobbler. F*k that’s delicious!
11:00am — I quickly hang up the laundry and head directly to Elwood Beach near my place. It’s only a 10-minute walk which is heavenly and because it curves away from the city, I feel better about the water quality. I don’t even know if that makes any sense, but it’s the only thing that can convince me to go in the water.
12:00pm — OK it’s hot. I head to water and splash around for a bit and dry off in the sun. I brought my journal and figured this would be a nice time to write. Quickly, I head back home and decide to stop by the shops for some small items before I regret having to go later.
12.13pm — I get a text from my friends organising a time to meet up for this Jamaican pop-up happening in Collingwood. We debate whether it’s a good idea because of how hot it’s getting. We settle on 5:30pm.
1:15pm — I grab some cantaloupe, a loaf of organic spelt bread, and another cheeky vegan ice cream sandwich ($16.57). I deserve it because it’s hot. $16.57
2:30pm — I immediately turn the air-con on as soon as I get back and heat up some leftovers from the other day and bake up potatoes and zucchini alongside it. It’s hitting the spot. I feel so excited to have my ice cream after as dessert! I do all this while watching a chaotic episode of The Real Housewives of Miami. It’s so entertaining.
3:30pm — Nap time. The living room is at such a nice temperature. I feel so cozy lying on the couch and nodding off. 
4:30pm — Gonna be late! I get ready quickly and run to catch the next bus coming ($3.30). It’s a direct route to Collingwood and air-conditioned, so I’m chuffed about the commute. $3.30
5:50pm — I’m the first there out of the group. It’s a vibe, and the food smells amazing. I wait around for the gang to arrive and buy a drink. The bartender convinces me a vermouth spritz is refreshing and delightful to drink so I get that ($18.28). It was indeed everything I wanted it to be. $18.28
6:15pm — The gang arrives and we laugh and be merry. We soon find out the food is $40 a plate…we’re hesitant but a few of them decide on getting some food. I refrain as I’ve had a big lunch and $40 is a bit hefty for me.
8:00pm — Head to another bar. I debate on what to drink, but I’m more hungry than thirsty and there’s no dinner food here. I regret not getting a plate of authentic Jamaican food. Damn. I decide to catch the next bus that’ll get me home at a decent time. I blow kisses and head home. $3.30
8:30pm — Right. Now. Uber Eats. What’s it saying. I scroll and figure out what on earth to order but can’t seem to settle on anything. I message E. and ask if he could bring something home from work. 
9:30pm — He hasn’t responded yet. He must be busy. I’m desperate for food now but somehow keep refraining from eating, hoping E. sees my message.
10:30pm — E. responds. He’s closed the kitchen before seeing my messages. He calls and apologises profusely. He asks if I want a final naughty meal before starting tomorrow’s fitness challenge. I have a hard think and devilishly decide on a Big Mac, large fry, and coke. E. laughs hard and says OK and that he’ll stop on the way home for me. I shower and get dressed in my pyjamas. 
11:00pm — E. messages me saying he can’t an Uber. I order him a Didi instead. Quicker and cheaper. $8.52
11:15pm — E. calls me and says the McDonald’s by our house is packed. He says the wait will be at least 20 minutes. I take this as a sign and just decide to have some toast instead. He says he’ll try and see what he can get at 7/11…the only other place open right now. 
11:30pm — I’m met with a big grin and kiss from E as he gets home. He says he got me a vegan ice cream and brought home mandarin jam he made at work with the extra mandarins they have lying around. It tastes heavenly. I add to my vegan buttered toast and eat the ice cream straight after.
12:00am — Time for bed… still hungry. 
Daily Total: $49.97

Day 7

6:30am — E.’s alarm goes off and he snoozes until 7. No gym again for him today as it’s his day off and he wants to start tomorrow. I’m giddy about this and we continue drifting in and out of sleep and cuddling. The weather is gloomy and rainy and the temperature has dropped significantly. This makes getting out of bed even more difficult. 
9:00am — Yes, we’ve been in bed for that long chatting but we’re enjoying each other’s company even more so this morning. We decide on breakfast and E starts his trading work while I whip up some eggs, spinach, and toast. Today is the first day of the challenge, so I’m being mindful about what I’m eating.
10:00am — I ask E. to take before photos of me for the challenge. The photos don’t look bad, and I begin to wonder if I have a chance at winning. You have to have a lot to lose, and I’m already quite lean. I start watching a ton of videos on fitness challenges to encourage me.
11:30am — Coffee break! I get ready for the gym so I can leave for the cafe. We go to our favourite spot. E orders a cappuccino, I get a match oat latte, he pays. Sitting tucked away in the corner, we speak about intimacy and laugh and giggle about private stuff.
12:30pm — Time to hit the gym! First week, and I’m stoked. I take my body scans before warming up. Looks like I’ve scored the exact same as three months ago which is discouraging. It's a good score, I just don’t know if it can get any higher than what I already have without going through strict and drastic measures. I chat with my coach and create a game plan. The workout is great, and I document some moments to make a TikTok video. 
2:00pm —I’m starving. E’s bought ingredients to make a big salad at home. I scoff it down in minutes. After, I shower and do some more writing. Watching back the videos I took at the gym, I stitch up a short video and publish it on TikTok. I cringe at my efforts but laugh it off. As I always say: "Cringiness" is but only a state of mind. 
3:15pm — The weather is really not going in our favour so we feel no pressure to be outside. We have everything we need at home for dinner as well so we just lay around on the couch, chat, and read until we’re hungry.
6:00pm — We cook up some potatoes and fish we got at the farmer's markets and side salad while watching a documentary on Netflix about the power of food. It’s interesting and nice to watch alongside dinner. 
10:00pm — We both fall asleep on the couch. I let E snooze while I clean up the dishes. It was at this moment that I decided to return the shoes. Unfortunate, but necessary, and I promise myself I’ll get myself a nice gift that costs less money. We get ready for bed and we’re out like a light by 11 PM. 
Daily Total: $0

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