Your May Horoscope Is Here — It’s Time To Get Grounded

Welcome to May, cosmic beings. Mercury retrograde may be behind us, but Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, begins its five-month retrograde (first in Aquarius, and then later in Capricorn) on May 2, which means we’ll be feeling retrograde themes subconsciously and on a collective level. 
Pluto retrograde is likely to highlight ways systemic inequalities have stifled humanity’s ability to ascend to a new level of consciousness. We’ll be asked to rewire our thought processes and review our values, both personally and societally. We should pace ourselves through this rebirth. 
The Taurus new moon on May 7 helps ground and anchor us into a more fertile, abundant, and sensual reality, especially due to the fact that Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is spending its final 25 days in Taurus. On the 25th Jupiter makes an epic entrance into Gemini for the next 13 months, and we’ll experience a massive shift from the desire to keep things simple to the desire to throw caution to the wind and spice everything up. 
Gemini Season begins the 20th, infusing a spirit of playfulness and adventure into the cosmos. The Sag full moon on the 23rd encourages us to burn away our fears and step into our power. This becomes more feasible for us two days later when Jupiter enters Gemini, conjoins with the Sun in Gemini, and reminds us that with every breath and every decision to try again, we are reborn. 
Read your horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs for the most in-depth forecast.

Aries Sun & Rising

With Mars spending time at home in your sign all month long, Aries, May is likely to be the best month you’ve experienced so far this year. Make the most of it! Mercury is no longer retrograde in your sign, allowing you to express yourself more freely during the first two weeks of the month. Then on the 15th it enters Taurus and activates your sector of money and self-esteem. You may strategise ways to make more money by doing less. 
Making sure you don’t have too much on your plate is essential, because once Gemini Season begins on the 20th, the full moon in Sag strikes on the 23rd, and Jupiter enters Gemini on the 25th, your communication sector will be so lit up that you may end up overwhelmed with projects and experiences being thrown in your lap. Cultivate the art of discernment to make sure that you’re not biting off more than you can chew. 

Taurus Sun & Rising

With Venus spending most of the month at home in your sign, Taurus, you’re feeling yourself this May, and everyone is feeling you too. This is largely due to it being Taurus Season until the 20th, and Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, is enjoying its final stretch in your sign, which will lead to you receiving more blessings with greater ease. Your mission is to not think it’s too good to be true. Use the Taurus new moon on the 7th to visualise even more sustainable abundance coming your way this month and beyond. 
Speaking of abundance, on the 25th Jupiter bids farewell to your sign after a 13-month stay, and it enters Gemini, where it activates your sector of self-esteem and money. You may be inspired to innovate with your finances during this transit. Some Tauruses may decide to dip into their savings to go on a long-awaited trip far away. Others may downsize and decide to live out of their van for a few months. Keep in mind that Uranus remains in your sign until 2026, encouraging you to radically shift the way you navigate your life and the way you define wealth and success. This month is about being brave enough to think out of the box. 

Gemini Sun & Rising

Gemini, you’ve made it through Mercury retrograde, and the post-shadow phase will end on May 7 (the same day the Taurus new moon occurs in your sector of spirituality and healing), meaning that while the first week of May will have you in a more mellow mood, and as the dates start to pass you’ll start to notice an increase in momentum and energy. This is because we’re approaching the iconic Jupiter in Gemini shift on May 25, which is the highlight of this month — and honestly, this year — for you. 
Gemini Season starts on the 20th, and Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini five days later catapults you to a new level of confidence and self-assurance. This is likely to be one of the best solar returns you’ve experienced so far this decade. The only caveat is that since Pluto will be retrograde in Aquarius, you’ll have to beware of people’s shadow sides this month. You’ll attract a lot of energy and a lot of jealousy as people notice your ascension, and it’s up to you to protect your energy and set the necessary boundaries. The Sag full moon on the 23rd (combined with Venus’ entrance in your sign that same day) is the perfect opportunity to cut out the fakes from your life. 

Cancer Sun & Rising

Cancer, the new moon in Taurus on the 7th activates your sector of friendship and social networks, so if you’ve been wanting a fresh start in that area of your life, prepare to magnetise a more loyal, mature, and reliable group of comrades within the next six months — especially if you take time to set your new moon intentions between May 7 and 17. 
Having Mercury in Taurus on the 15th, combined with Venus in Taurus until the 23rd, and Jupiter in Taurus until the 25th, will make friendships and technology a dominant theme of your month, so try to prioritise these sectors of your life over others, as you’ll likely end the month with a greater feeling of clarity. 
Once Gemini Season begins on the 20th, followed by Jupiter’s shift into Gemini on the 25th, your sector of solitude, closure, and healing is most activated. You may feel introverted or moody during the final ten days of the month. You’re still adjusting to this post-eclipse world, and the Sag full moon on the 23rd (and the four days that follow) may throw you out of your comfort zone by encouraging you to move your body, release your grip on the past, and stay focused on the abundance of the present moment. 

Leo Sun & Rising

With Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, shifting retrograde in your partnership and marriage sector as the month begins, you’re re-evaluating what your connections mean to you and how you can best show up for others while not compromising your own needs. The Taurus new moon on the 7 highlights your career relationships, so you may need to switch things around professionally to make sure that you’re not being taken advantage of or duped. 
Remember the ideas you wrote down or thought of last month during the Jupiter Uranus conjunction on April 20? You’ll feel particularly inclined to act on them once Gemini Season begins on May 20, followed by Jupiter entering Gemini on the 25th. Your sector of friendship and social networks will be activated by Jupiter’s 13-month transit, and you may end up manifesting the ideal collaborators to help you take one or more of your visions and make it a reality. Just make sure you’re not letting people’s flattery get to your head — you want people who can stick with you for the long haul and who aren’t just around because they enjoy your popularity. 

Virgo Sun & Rising

Virgo, this month your planetary ruler Mercury is no longer retrograde in your sector of outside resources, and this helps you remain more optimistic and confident when it comes to collaborations you’d like to embark on. Use Mercury’s transit in Aries during the first two weeks of May to find ways to delegate tasks to people who can get them done more efficiently and passionately than you currently are. Then once Mercury enters Taurus on the 15th you’ll be able to slow your roll and focus on tasks that feel most fulfilling to you. 
Gemini Season begins on the 20th, and Jupiter enters Gemini on the 25th. The Sun and Jupiter will activate your career sector, and since Jupiter remains in Gemini for the next 13 months you’re likely to brainstorm ways to double your income during the rest of 2024. You don’t have to make any fixed decisions just yet, but don’t be surprised if more than one professional or financial opportunity lands in your lap before the end of the month. 

Libra Sun & Rising

Libra, the Sun’s placement in Taurus during the first three weeks of May is helping you better discern who to share your energy, time, money, and resources with, and why. Life’s felt significantly different for you ever since the lunar eclipse in your sign struck at the end of March, and since the south node is still in your sign for the next year, you’re likely to be grappling with tensions between the past that you want to let go of, and the future you want to step into. Use the Taurus new moon on the 7th to set Venusian intentions regarding the ease, love, luxury, and simplicity you’d like to bring into your life. 
Life lightens up significantly for you when the Sun enters your fellow air sign of Gemini on the 20th, followed by Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, entering Gemini on the 25th for the next 13 months. Your sector of expansion, travel, media, and publishing will be activated by this double Gemini energy, making the final 10 days of the month the most ideal for going on a trip near or far, clearing your mind, and inspiring yourself with new possibilities. 

Scorpio Sun & Rising

Scorpio, as the month of May begins your planetary ruler Pluto begins its retrograde in Aquarius — one that will last until October 11. This will influence you on a subconscious level, because Pluto is a generational planet. Within the next five months, expect your thought process and your values around family and legacy to significantly shift and transform. The Taurus new moon on the 7th is an invitation to start fresh romantically and to also set clear intentions regarding blockages that you’re ready to release regarding love, intimacy, and opening yourself up to vulnerability and intimacy. 
Once the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, followed by Jupiter entering Gemini for a 13-month stay on the 25th, your sector of depth, merging, and intimacy will be activated, encouraging you to take your journey of building generational-wealth more seriously, but also to remember that there’s no need to overly control how you generate that wealth. It’s more about making sure you’re being consistent in your efforts to get your life together, all while remembering that life is also about having fun along the way. 

Sagittarius Sun & Rising

Sag, the highlight of the month for you is the fact that your planetary ruler Jupiter is rounding out its stay in Taurus during the first 25 days of May, and then on the 25th it shifts into your opposite sign of Gemini for the next thirteen months. Starting at month’s end, your sector of partnership and marriage will be activated by this epic transit, but before we get there, the Universe wants to make sure you’re taking care of your health and not overextending yourself or burning yourself out. Use the Taurus new moon on May 7 to put in place a better fitness or food regimen — one that allows you to take a more consistent and stable approach to improving your wellness. 
You’ll enjoy the shift to Gemini energy that takes place starting the 20th, and people will also show you how much they enjoy your company — you’ll be the life of the party and everyone will want your attention. But keep in mind that having Jupiter opposing your Sun for the next year can lead to overindulgence, so it’s up to you to find healthy ways to remain focused on your long-term objectives without getting caught up in distractions. 

Capricorn Sun & Rising

You’ve made it through one of the most intense months of the year, Capricorn. And now the month of May is about mellowing out, particularly during the first three weeks when the Sun hangs out in your fellow earth sign of Taurus, and Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, rounds out its stay in Taurus. Your sector of fun, fate, and creativity is activated by Taurus Season, so the more you can simplify your lifestyle — particularly around the Taurus new moon on the 7th and the 10 days that follow — the more easeful you’ll feel. 
Once Gemini Season begins on the 20th, your sector of health and wellness is activated. This will be a main theme for you once Jupiter follows suit and enters your sector of service and routine on the 25th, for a 13-month stay. You may initially feel like Jupiter in Gemini is throwing you out of your comfort zone by asking you to revamp your lifestyle from the inside out. The key is to not bite off more than you can chew during this unpredictable transit. Take it all breath by breath. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising

As the month begins, Pluto begins its retrograde in your sign on May 2. Pluto will remain in your sign until September 1, and then it’ll retrograde back into Capricorn for a few months, before re-entering your sign in the second half of November. This month will therefore have you experiencing flashbacks to periods of your life where you were still finding yourself. In many ways, you still are, but these past four months of Pluto in your sign have helped you feel more secure in who you currently are. Use the Taurus new moon on the 7th to visualise ways to anchor yourself in your evolution, even as Pluto backtracks through your sign. 
Gemini Season takes over the cosmos on the 20th when the Sun shifts out of Taurus and enters Gemini for the next four weeks, followed by Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, entering your fellow air sign of Gemini on the 25th (for a 13-month stay). This transit will feel so much more delightful to you than Jupiter in Taurus did (because Taurus creates astrological friction with your Aquarius nature). The key is to identify two to three major goals you’d like to accomplish during Jupiter in Gemini, and to stay focused on those with commitment and a flexible state of mind. 

Pisces Sun & Rising

Pisces, the month of May is likely to be a great month for financial growth and improvement in your communication patterns. With Mars having recently left your sign at the end of April and entered Aries for the next six weeks, you’re likely to be supercharged with electric ideas for increasing your income. The key is to be bold and assertive when asking for or claiming what you want, whether it’s a raise, a promotion, or an exciting entrepreneurial venture. Now is the time to visualise yourself beyond your current circumstances, and the Taurus New moon on the 7th will help you set specific intentions regarding your long-term security. 
Once Gemini Season begins on the 20th, the attention shifts to your domestic sector, and you may be in the mood to travel with your family or chosen family. People may also come and visit you over the course of the next thirteen months due to Jupiter, your ruling planet, entering Gemini on the 25th. This transit encourages you to think and live outside of the box, and to revolutionise the way you view home and your roots. Many Pisces’ may choose to relocate, redecorate, or move to a new continent during this liberating transit. Live your best life! 
Please note that this is a horoscope containing astrological information that shouldn't be construed as financial advice. Please obtain financial advice that is specific to your situation.
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