Mercury Retrograde Is Here To Cause All-Round Chaos

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One of the most significant astrological events of spring, alongside the two eclipses, is Mercury retrograde. This cosmic event will last approximately three and a half weeks (from April 1 to 25), causing communication problems, calamities in travel, and technological issues. It is the first full occurrence of Mercury retrograde in 2024. The previous Mercury retrograde, which ended on New Year’s Day 2024, disrupted the implementation of New Year’s resolutions and goals. However, this time, we are experiencing it in its entirety, which means we could reconnect with past love interests, face scheduling issues, and find that miscommunication may escalate minor arguments. 
During a retrograde, Mercury isn’t actually moving backwards; it’s just slowed down in comparison to the pace that Earth is moving at. Usually Mercury moves faster than Earth, but three or four times a year, the planet moves more slowly than ours. This creates an optical illusion in which we think it’s moving backward or in the opposite rotational spin, but that isn’t the case. When this happens, us Earthlings feel the effects on a spiritual, mental, and physical level.
Sounds fun, right? Well, (insert sarcasm) it gets better: Mercury begins its planetary moonwalk during an “eclipse corridor.” This means that Mercury enters its retrograde zone in between the two eclipses of the season — the lunar eclipse on March 25 and the total solar eclipse on April 8. Therefore we must be mindful of the power our words hold during the eclipses. We’ll even feel this energy brewing before the eclipses commence. The pre-retrograde begins on March 18, the day before the spring equinox, and the post-retrograde, known as “retroshade,” ends on May 13 (bringing nearly two months of Mercurial chaos). 
Mercury retrograde officially starts on April Fool’s Day. It’s important to be cautious with pranks as they could easily go wrong and result in people getting upset or angry. Additionally, accidents could happen if people take things too far, potentially causing harm to themselves or others. It’s essential to be careful during this time and try not to take things too personally, despite how difficult it may be. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is known for its fiery, combustible, and passionate nature. After all, it is the “god of war.” This intensity can sometimes lead to extreme temper tantrums, which may be a result of exhaustion, frustration, and other factors. It is advisable to double-check your text messages and emails, and think before speaking to avoid saying something that you may regret later. In true Aries form, everyone will want to be forgiven fast, but their actions and words may be hard to forget. 

It is advisable to double-check your text messages and emails, and think before speaking to avoid saying something that you may regret later.

Keep an eye out for old flames seeking closure during the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8. This powerful energy can help bring about healing, making it easier to move on from unresolved problems. However, you don’t have to connect with them. Remember, we have to do what makes us feel comfortable, and we shouldn’t be pushed to do things to make other people feel happy or secure. We are the number one priority in our lives.
During difficult moments, we may feel stuck due to a lack of progress or positive change. This can be discouraging, especially if our efforts seem to lead nowhere or result in setbacks. It’s important to be patient and kind to ourselves as we navigate through these vulnerable times. Putting too much pressure on ourselves can cause our emotions to overwhelm us, so it’s best to approach these challenges with a calm and gentle mindset — even though it might be hard to do.
Honouring your inner child could be extremely healing during this Mercury retrograde. Because we are igniting the parts of ourselves that have been repressed and unseen for so long, it will give us a chance to look back and allow us to give our younger selves hugs and to amend some of the hurt or trauma we experienced as kids. 
While reminiscing about the past, we may come across information that now seems inaccurate and feel the need to change our opinions. Conversely, we may also have a sense of relief when we finally address long-avoided issues or see the truth in matters. It’s crucial to avoid making impulsive decisions or jumping to conclusions. Gather all the necessary information before reacting. Let’s ensure that we are not mistakenly attributing our emotions to others by projecting or gaslighting, or that we are not being left vulnerable to drama. We don’t have to engage in these matters. 
It is important to maintain a positive perspective and handle irritations and annoyances with humour, although it may be challenging. Instead of reacting negatively, it is better to adapt to the situation and deal with it as it comes.

Key astrological dates: 

March 18: Mercury begins to slow down as it enters its pre-retrograde shadow, setting story for the retrograde.

April 1: Mercury retrograde officially begins.

April 8: The total solar eclipse occurs, aligning with Mercury retrograde, creating misunderstandings and the need for self-reflection.

April 11: Mercury is “cazimi,” meaning that it is in “the heart of the sun.” Therefore, it has a lot of power to make plans for the future. It’s the best day of retrograde, too.

April 15: Mercury and the centaur Chiron connect, offering us time to heal.

April 25: Mercury retrograde ends, and enters the retroshade degrees to clear up the mayhem that’s been a part of our lives for the past week.

May 13: Mercury leaves its post-retroshade zone, ending the planetary moonwalk.
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