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The Female & Non-Binary TikTokers To Watch If You’re Deep In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is basically impossible to ignore. Since 2007, a whopping 27 MCU films have graced our screens, grossing a cumulative AUD $35 Billion at the box office.
Considering Marvel's widespread appeal, there are a lot of watchers in the mix. But for every casual fan, there are at least ten bleeding-heart stans who are willing to declare their love of Stan Lee's creation from the rooftops. And it's easy to see why — on top of the movies delivering epic characters, pure action goodness and unabashed sensory overload, there's a tonne to sink your teeth into.
From podcasts that unpack fan theories and follow the lives of the actors (specifically Tom Holland and Zendaya's) to accessories like Pandora's adorable Marvel charm collection, MCU diehards are spoilt for choice in expressing their love for the franchise.
And much like everything these days, the fandom has also made quite the name for itself on TikTok — just check out the hashtag #Marveltok (which currently has 3.4 BILLION views) and you'll get sucked in by millions of videos. But given that the world of pop culture fandom, especially when it comes to comics, can be quite male-dominated, female and non-binary creators are leading the charge on TikTok.
With unique points of view on characterisation and straight-up hilarious takes on who they ship, here are some of the best Marveltok creators to follow.

@jstoobs — 451.8k followers

This US-based TikToker is best known for her love of Guardians of the Galaxy's Nebula and often champions other female characters and critiques their underdevelopment within the franchise.
“It was my first time finding a nerd community that had so many prominent voices from so many different backgrounds and experiences. The moments I treasure most are getting messages and comments from young girls telling me my videos make them feel more confident in a space that had previously felt really exclusionary," she said in an interview with Inverse.
@jstoobs I think chronological makes the most sense with some key omissions #xmen #marvel #mcu #MaiselChallenge ♬ original sound - megan — 3.4 million followers

Emily has amassed a huge TikTok following over the last few years by posting videos of her homemade, custom Iron Man suits — she's basically the real-life Tony Stark. She uses equipment like 3D printers and sanders in her very own home set-up, and has explained in videos that it can cost up to $1500 to make a suit — which is true dedication to cosplay.

@bouclequidort — 173.3k followers

Bouclequidort's TikTok is a haven for all pop culture lovers, not just MCU fans. Their unique and colourful style and distinctly LGBTQIA+ perspective on the Marvel franchise and its many characters (especially the fan-adored Loki) makes their content endlessly entertaining.
@bouclequidort work🏳️‍🌈of🏳️‍🌈art🏳️‍🌈 [#marvel#marvelstudios#fy ♬ Works Of Art - RobertKenobi

@_olivia_stone_ — 48.4k followers

We all love a good TikTok trend, whether it's hyping up gorgeous, gorgeous girls or a ridiculous Abby Lee-Miller soundbite. Self-appointed 'Spider-Man Expert' Olivia (her videos definitely back up this claim) is the queen of relating anything that's trending to the MCU — which is truly an impeccable skill.

@anniedorvak — 1.2 million followers

With over 45 million likes across her videos, Annie Dorvak is one of the most well-loved creators on MarvelTok. The Prague-based creator has stolen the hearts of the fandom with her many hilarious skits and niche in-jokes on the franchise.

@emilyuurbe — 861.3k followers

Emily is one of TikTok's funniest creators. While she does cover everything from general celebrity stereotypes to impressions of well-loved TV show scenes, her obsession with the MCU is always front and centre in her videos.

@whatsername1.0 — 2 million followers

While not a hardcore Marvel stan, Millie, AKA @whatsername1.0 is a Scottish content creator who loves a good cosplay. While her impressions of Scottish icon Merida kills it, Millie is also partial to a Marvel look from time to time. Our personal favourites? Her take on Marvel's Venom as well as the boss, Wanda Maximoff.
@whatsername1.0 #AD As someone who is obsessed with @Pandora AND Marvel this collection has me HOOKED!! #Marvelxpandora #marvel ♬ Summer Mood (Royalty Free / No Copyright) Background Music - Lesfm
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