Mars In Aquarius Is Here & It’s Going To Be Transformative

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On February 13, Mars, the planet of Desire and Action, enters Aquarius and will stay there until March 22. When Mars wanders through the zodiac sign Aquarius, individuals feel a sense of solidarity and an urge to challenge authority and advocate for collective freedoms. 
Aquarius, an air sign associated with revolution, and Mars, the planet of Action, inspire individuals to strive for change on a grand scale, utilising the power of words rather than physical force. It is through language and speech that people can resist oppression and express their dissent. During this transit, the power of the mind will be paramount, prompting the collective to utilise their intelligence to resist authority and push back against those in power who do not align with their views. 
Innovative ideas are essential during this transit, so it's a time to plot out the future and understand how technological, scientific, and political advancements can change the world. People will come together and want to work on projects as a team rather than individually. Collaborative efforts will be prioritised over individual recognition regarding the results of large-scale ventures. Personal fame and acclaim will become secondary concerns, rather the focus will be on resolving matters. This is a moment of reformation and free-thinking, in which we will create our own rules and use our visions to create a future within our reach.
With Mars travelling through Aquarius, the tendency of the water-bearer to voice their opinions on social justice and scientific advancements is likely to increase. This may result in more people needing to express themselves and convince others of their beliefs. Although the fixed energy of Aquarius may lead to some resistance, a few minds may be swayed, making it worth the effort to share one's perspective. The flip side is that we might be more argumentative about situations, causing frustrations to escalate. It's important to remember we can achieve more positive outcomes by being kind and calm. Taking a moment to cool off and approach a situation with a more relaxed mindset can help us achieve better results.
Mars’ journey in Aquarius is a time to embrace our kinks and fantasies. We may find that sexting, phone, or cybersex appeal more than having an intimate connection since Mars in Aquarius isn't known to be super cuddly. Vocalising one’s desires and having a voyeuristic approach to sex will be more of what people are drawn to during this transition. Therefore, it's more of a moment in which we can sexually explore and experiment by being open-minded in our sexual encounters (as long as it's consensual). A friends-with-benefits situation could be something satisfying. Sex with a partner or more and solo can be freeing — if we let it be. 
Those born with this astrological placement will be experiencing their Mars return (when Mars returns to the sign and degree, it was a future birth). This personal transit occurs approximately every two and a half years and marks a time in which they'll have a rebirth of energy, as well as a time of excitement and determination. Nothing can stand in their way of attaining success, making it easy to move past obstacles standing in their way.
This year, Mars in Aquarius will create a powerful impact. On February 14, Mars will draw strength from Pluto's dominant forces, instilling a sense of power to bring about universal change. When Mars and Venus connect on February 22, we’ll want to take a different approach to romance. Additionally, when Mars squares Jupiter and Uranus on February 27 and March 9, it will inspire us to make radical changes and expand our horizons. However, it is crucial to be mindful of our words and actions, as these energies may bring out aspects of our personality that we may not be proud of. Our goal should be to help others and bring positive change to the world. Though we may need to assert our desires and passions, it's essential to focus on the community and work toward the greater good. This period offers a significant opportunity for empowerment and transformation; therefore, it's vital to channel the energy towards positive growth and evolution.

Important astrological dates:

February 13: Mars enters Aquarius, shifting our energy for the next five weeks.
February 14: Mars and Pluto unite in Aquarius, which happens every two years (but in different signs). Desires will heighten on Valentine’s Day, making it a time of passion.
February 22: Mars and Venus form a conjunction in Aquarius. The last time these two planets linked up was on March 6, 2022 — in the same sign, too. It's an auspicious time to connect with others and express desires. Similar themes from March 6, 2022, will occur on February 22, so keep your eyes and ears open. 
February 27: Mars squares Jupiter, making it essential to avoid excessive arguing and burning ourselves out. Adding unnecessary stress or pressure to our approach can lead to these adverse outcomes. Therefore, it's necessary to be mindful of how much energy we exert and to maintain a balanced lifestyle.
March 4: Mars sextiles the North Node of Destiny, giving us the confidence and drive to push things forward and to fight for our beliefs.
March 9: Mars aspects Uranus, pushing us to implement change not just in our personal lives but also in the world.
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