A Yoga Instructor On How To Find The Perfect Leggings

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As someone who regularly switches up their workout routine, I’m all about pairing my leggings to my exercise routine. Which in turn means a lot of online shopping. It’s a vicious cycle. 
If I’m heading for a run, I need a breathable pair of leggings that suctions to my body like nothing else and promises not to fall down. If I’m boxing, I want a pair that is as lightweight and agile as I need to be. And if I’m grabbing my mat and heading for some yoga, I need high waisted leggings that promise not to go see-through as I fold into downward dog. 
Often while shopping, I wonder what makes the perfect pair of leggings for each style of exercise, and since I’m currently in the market for a new pair of yoga leggings, I decided to enlist the help of Yogie and Lululemon Ambassador Ash Dickinson to give us the rundown on what she recommends looking out for. 
“Teaching and practising yoga is all about comfort, especially when in a heated environment," explains Ash. “ I look for a legging that is expected to perform as a double-duty piece of athleisure; providing both support and comfort when I am on the go and when I am also in a meditative resting state. To find the best yoga leggings, here are my top four things to look for when searching for the most optimal pair for your yoga practice.”

1. Comfort

Like us, comfort is at the top of Ash's priority list. "Whilst moving through a yoga practice, my intention is to feel free-ing and weightless," explains Ash. "Look for fabrics that feel breathable, lightweight and are soft to touch on the skin, yet also feel luxe and high quality."

2. Technology

Ash recommends looking for tights made from sweat-wicking fabrics. "This draws moisture away from the skin to keep the body cool so is ideal for heated environments when I am practising and teaching. The technology of a wicking fabric also allows me to go to my full range in motion in certain yoga poses and shapes without slipping around."

3. Fit

As you might have expected, a good fit is crucial when picking your go-to yoga tights. "I like the look and feel of a high waisted legging not just for its support and comfort, yet I also find it flattering on the body," says Ash. "It is also ideal for mobility in shapes. I prefer a longer length legging in the Winter months and as the weather gets warmer I tend to move towards more of a cropped, shorter legging. The great thing about Lululemon is they also offer complimentary hemming when shopping in-store."

Side note: the fact that Lululemon does complimentary hemming in store is something my short little legs wish they knew sooner!

4. Functionality

"And finally, I look for leggings that will have a high functionality performance not just when I am wearing them through movement, but also feel good outside of studios when running errands or practising the simple art of rest! explains Ash. "A flattering, versatile and all-purpose legging. An invisible pocket is perfect and convenient to store small items such as a credit card or phones and keys when on the run."
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