January’s Full Wolf Moon Could Reveal Our Deepest Secrets

Photo: Ganapathy Kumar/Unsplash.
A full moon occurs when the sun and moon oppose each other in the sky and the glow of the sun bounces off the moon onto earth. They typically represent emotional release, reflection and pause, as well as time to heal. Secrets are revealed, our intuition is heightened, and clarity comes into play when the moon’s illumination exposes all things hidden. 
The first full moon of 2023 occurs on January 6 at 6:08pm EST (January 7 3:09am AEDT) in the sign Cancer. Emotions will be intensified due to the retrogrades of both Mercury and Uranus, which are in aspect to the tender-hearted, protective, and sentimental Cancer Moon
The communication and trickster planet Mercury is urging us to discuss matters openly. The problem is, that the facts may not be clear due to its planetary backspin. Rumours can take a toll on partnerships, causing issues to hit a high. It’s important to listen carefully to what other people are saying before stating your POV. The reason being is that you could expose more than you mean to or say regrettable things out of haste.
With Uranus retrograde in direct play to the full moon, we are seeing situations and people clearly and for who they actually are beneath the surface level. Although the details may be murky, due to Mercury’s moonwalk, our intuition will be telling us another story and pushing us to take action. Think that’s scary? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. 
Not only will drama ensue with others, but our darkest secrets and deepest emotions could be revealed. If there are any old skeletons that you wish to keep in the past, then it’s important to maintain a proper handle on these events or the relationship. Controlling the narrative may be the best solution to avoid conflict from such engagements. Another way to deal with this issue is to laugh it off. If you don’t get flustered or aggravated by the noise — chances are that no one will pay it any mind either. 
The flip side is that we may be the ones who are manipulating others or creating conflict in relationships. Therefore, it’s essential to take a step back when moments become intense and check our own personal behaviour, before situations escalate to the point of no return. 
It’s best to use this lunation as a chance to let go. Have yourself a good cry and give yourself the chance to heal. Moving forward and cutting ties is always hard, but sometimes it must be done — especially when we are dealing with self-preservation. The temptation to reconnect with friends, family, and exes may be high. However, one should proceed with caution. If people are making anyone feel unsafe, threatened, and as though they have to hide from living their truest lives, then the relationship should not be resuscitated. 
Remember, we don’t want to be carrying dead weight into the new year. This is our chance to finally start fresh without any of these worries burdening us. All the more reason to use this full moon as a wake-up call to transform our worlds for the better in 2023 — without the gossip, stress, and burdens that we have been dealing with. The answer is to align with those you trust and share your feelings with them, knowing that you won’t be judged — only loved. 
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