Escapism Style: Meet The Next Iteration Of Dopamine Dressing

After two years holed up at home with few opportunities to go out and explore the world, it feels as though there's a collective desire to 'escape'. Whether you’re itching to get out into nature for a welcome reset or feel the urge to jump on a flight to visit a world away from home, moments of reprieve from our day-to-day reality are high on the priority list right now. But if you can't actually go anywhere for a while, dreaming of it is the next best thing.
After all, we do it all the time; losing ourselves in TV shows and movies with more whimsical and picturesque scenery. There’s a reason 58 million of us watched Emily In Paris in the first month it was released. From the sizzling romances to the endless parade of fashion, it was a chance to leave our lives behind for just a moment. And after the last few years, who can blame us?
In the same way we lose ourselves in these fantastical storylines, we can also inject other moments of escapism into our daily lives. TikTok has helped nudge this along, with videos inspiring us to don ourselves with ‘main character energy’, romanticise our everyday life and celebrate our own fantasies. 
We already express ourselves through how we dress, so why not double down and use style as an outlet for escapism, too? We’ve been firmly (and gladly) in the grip of dopamine dressing for a while now, so why not take it a step further to embrace a rejuvenating holiday mindset. 

Dopamine dressing 

It’s worth looking at dopamine dressing to see how it informs escapism style. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s responsible for our feelings of pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. So, if you’re yet to try the trend on for size, it’s basically putting an outfit together that will boost your mood.
Dopamine dressing is the act of wearing as many items as possible that spark joy, which often means dressing in bright, happy colours instead of going for the 'less is more' approach. By dressing in pieces that make you happy, you’re more likely to experience joy throughout the day. While it sounds a bit too good to be true, people swear by the technique for bringing comfort and elation to their everyday lives. So, why not explore the technique further and dress in a way that makes you feel like you’re living your best holiday fantasy?

Jolts of colour

Neon was the MVP of the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week, so it's safe to assume bold colours aren’t going anywhere soon. To give them more of an escapist twist, mix those pops of striking colour in with natural, earthy tones. 
OROTON is one fashion house leading the charge in escapism style. Their Autumn-Winter 2022 collection, Happy Camper, celebrates the great outdoors and balances shades of lichen, tan and silt, with bright, feel-good colours like chartreuse and high-voltage red.

Freedom to move 

The joy of escaping is freedom. You shrug off your concerns when on holidays, and your clothes should follow suit. To lean into escapism style, leave behind the clothes you feel constricted and uncomfortable in, and update your wardrobe with clothing that’s easy to move around in, is breathable and makes you feel relaxed. Think: rib knit flares, loose outerwear, oversized vests and layers that are easy to peel off.

Pick a print

Maximalism is very much in line with dopamine dressing, so incorporating a vivid print into your escapism aesthetic gets a big tick from us. Rocking a print can be one of the most clear-cut ways to express where you’d rather be. Whether it’s a botanical print that oozes the outdoors, a psychedelic print if you’re fantasising about party season or you want to mix and match wild prints, your wardrobe is your oyster.

It’s been a hard few years, and the time is coming for some much-deserved reprieve, but until then, adding some dreamy escapism vibes to your everyday style will lend a feeling of freedom and wanderlust. You won't regret it.
OROTON is running a giveaway to celebrate the new Happy Camper collection. If you spend $200 or more on new arrivals, you have the chance to win one of four ultimate golden ticket prizes, from a $1,000 wardrobe and personal styling session, to a $500 OROTON gift voucher.

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