We’ve Been Sleeping On Cameron Diaz’s ’90s Style

It’s been pretty sufficiently documented that ‘90s trends are well and truly back. But when we look at the era for inspiration, we tend to seek out the usual suspects — Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford. With their slip dresses and barely-there crop tops and stilettos, the glamour set has traditionally dominated our mood boards. 
But have we been vastly overlooking a style icon?
After a brief (read: very deep) dive into the archives, looking for style inspiration to mine, I stumbled across one Miss Cameron Diaz in a very chic airport fashion look — something I miss terribly in these times. This led me on to more images of her from the decade and a host of killer looks that I hadn’t been across. 
As a budding actress making a name for herself in Hollywood, the Charlies Angels star was lightyears ahead of her time, sartorially speaking. A refreshing minimalist who wasn’t afraid to dabble in playful looks, Diaz’s ‘90s style was comparable to a soft grunge aesthetic — a distinct feature of the decade — comprised of timeless basics, playful accessories, and lots of mixing and matching with textures.
And while she’s certainly not the only person whose style we can look back on now with a renewed sense of appreciation, her looks are definitely serving up some serious outfit inspo — almost three decades on! So it's time to give the actress the credit she deserves.
Click through for the looks we’ll be taking cues from this season.

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