3 Delicious & Healthy Japanese Recipes To Cook This Weekend

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Aya Nishimura is a woman with a mission. She wants people to discover the simplicity, ease and wholesomeness of Japanese home cooking.
The Japanese-born food stylist/home economist/chef (she's worked for The Guardian, Waitrose and the BBC to name but a few) wants to present an alternative to the difficulties that might prevent Westerners from attempting Japanese cooking. "Some of the Japanese restaurant chefs have exquisite skills that need years of training," she says. "However, Japanese home cooking is really easy and simple! My inspiration for this book stems from my mum, grandma and dad’s cooking from home. I have adapted the recipes to make these dishes more accessible to prepare, so you can eat Japanese food wherever you are in the world."
She continues: "My heartfelt hope is that [I can help] you to discover how simple, delicious and healthy Japanese food can be."
And so Aya released Japanese Food Made Easy, a book showcasing some of her favourite recipes, in the hope that people the world over can find the same comfort and joy in the food she grew up with. Ahead, she shares three recipes to get you started.
Happy cooking.

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