9 Summer Cocktails That You Only Need 3 Ingredients To Make

For a long time in my teens, making cocktails consisted of mixing together the dregs stolen from my parents’ liquor cupboard; more recently, it involved combining things from my own cupboard and hoping for the best. However, if 'beach-ready hair' and dinners I just 'threw together' have taught me anything, it's that happy accidents take planning and preparation. Now, I mix to impress.
But just because you're after something more grown-up than a Peach Schnapps and lemonade doesn't mean it has to be complicated. Great cocktails are made of just a few great ingredients, perfectly matched. We've curated the very best cocktail recipes that need just three ingredients and pack a delicious punch.
Try the easy cocktail recipes ahead with the tips above and keep your friends and family refreshed and impressed all summer (ps- ice doesn't count as an ingredient!)