Capricorn Season Is Here & It’s Time For You To Self-Reflect

Photographed by Megan Madden.
The sun will enter Capricorn on December 22, marking the beginning of a new season in a new sign. The northern hemisphere will experience the winter solstice — the shortest day of the year — and bring a chill to the air. Meanwhile, the southern hemisphere will welcome the summer solstice, bringing warmth. During the winter solstice, we celebrate the sun’s journey and reflect on the lessons we’ve learned over the past year. 
Capricorn Season marks a time of self-reflection because it occurs towards the end of the year. We usually spend time assessing what we’ve learned and what we want (and don’t want) to bring into the new year with us. It’s a time in which we take accountability for the past and make amends with others (or choose not to) as we enter the next chapter of our lives
During Capricorn Season, we are encouraged to take action and secure the promotion or raise we deserve at work. As a cardinal sign, Capricorns are natural leaders who prefer to be at the forefront of any endeavour. They are highly motivated and hardworking, which helps them achieve their goals. The month ahead will inspire us to pursue our ambitions with passion and determination, no matter our challenges.
As Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, we tend to take on adult responsibilities and become accountable for every aspect of our lives at this moment in time. This is why we often make resolutions or set new intentions for the upcoming year as we strive to improve ourselves and create a better future. We may let go of things that have negatively impacted our lives and add positivity to our approach to achieving our goals. It’s important to note that Capricorn is a practical and systematic zodiac sign, so having a well-planned game plan for the upcoming month is crucial.
With Saturn currently in Pisces, it’s helpful to establish boundaries with others and utilise our imagination to reach success. There's a focus on relying on intuition to make sense of things, which means prioritising gut feelings over rational thoughts. Our artistic impulses will also be strong and propel us forward. While creativity may feel stagnant at the beginning of Capricorn Season, things will pick up once the new year arrives.
This Capricorn Season is unique because Mercury is finishing up the planetary backspin that started on December 13 and ends on January 1. It’s a time for contemplation as we reflect on the past to help guide us towards our future. Jupiter will also turn direct on December 30, giving us the ability to speak our truth and pursue our goals with clarity and purpose.
The month ahead is going to be valuable because it’s going to allow us to get some insight into the past and do some healing. Use this time wisely to let go of situations that no longer serve you. This will open up our lives to a wonderful 2024, as we will be free to spruce up our lives with anything we want and desire. 

Important dates for Capricorn Season: 

December 21: The sun enters Capricorn, bringing with it a new season and month of contemplation as well as reflection. 
December 23: Mercury retrograde enters Sagittarius, taking us back to late November, when the events that we are currently reflecting upon first occurred. We are considering ways to handle similar situations more efficiently and make up for any mistakes that were made. 
December 26: The full moon in Cancer offers us a chance to emotionally let go of the frustrations and heartache we’ve been carrying within us for the past year and a half. This is our chance to break free from the past and to bring in the future.
December 29: Venus enters Sagittarius, spicing up our love lives with adventure and excitement is something that we all strive for. It’s a time to fully embrace the things that we’re passionate about and that make us feel truly liberated.
December 30: Jupiter in Taurus turns direct, ending the retrograde that began on September 4. We can allow ourselves to utilise the opportunities and philosophies that we’ve come to apprehend. 
January 1: Mercury turns direct, completing the retrograde cycle that commenced on December 13. Take a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned during this planetary retrograde and make the necessary adjustments to our lives. The universe has imparted some valuable lessons during Mercury’s backwards spin that we should pay attention to.
January 4: Mars enters Capricorn, giving us an opportunity to showcase our determination by completing all the projects we have started. Let’s push ourselves to put our best foot forward and accomplish our tasks with zeal.
January 11: The new moon in Capricorn urges us to start fresh in 2024 by allowing us to elevate ourselves and our aspirations. We can commit to goals and plans for the new year at this time. 
January 13: Mercury re-enters Capricorn, taking us back to December 1. This is our third pass at the story that developed then. Now, we can use knowledge and understanding to propel ourselves forward.
January 20: The sun enters Aquarius, introducing new and unique ideas to our daily lives while also contributing to the overall energy. We also aim to connect with friends and create a global community where we can use our humanitarian goals to create a better world.
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