Cancer Season Is Here & Love Is In The Air

Photographed by Megan Madden.
June 21 is the day we start celebrating the sun’s planetary ingress into the zodiac sign Cancer. During this time, our hearts will be full of love and our emotions and innermost sentiments are evolving and maturing from June 21 to July 22, as we bring it back to our familial bonds and roots.
Throughout the next few weeks, we will find many ways to embrace and honour our closest connections by giving lots of tenderness and kindness to those we care about.
As the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancers (aka the crab) are known to be the nurturers, caregivers, and bosses of astrology. They can give their all to others by extending an open ear and shoulder to cry on, as well as hustling hard to make money. This Cancer season, nothing will stand in our way of attaining greatness. Like the waves of the ocean, we’ll continue to ebb and flow with the changes that come our way: we are resilient beings.
Since their planetary ruler is the moon, Cancers are extremely protective of their brood — even going as far as pinching others in an effort to not let go of those they adore and to hold on to them. That’s the love language we’ll all be exhibiting. Rather than breaking up or moving on, we are going to give relationships the chance to flourish by being close and protective of loved ones. The past is important and plays an important role in where we are headed — so call your family and close friends to reminisce. Share some laughs and memories with your nearest and dearest. Or, plan a party to reconnect with friends that you’ve lost touch with. 
Crabs walk side-to-side and never in a forward march, which means that the way we choose to do things at this time may not be logical or make any rational sense. This is why crabs are super imaginative and inventive. They are always thinking about original ways to deepen their gifts — we can do the same in our lives, too, if we take notes from the crustacean. Doing activities and projects that display our personal aesthetic at our own pace is essential. Our endeavours will have a creative stamp like none other because our intuition is going to take charge and push our artistry to new heights. 
Cancer Season 2023 is going to bring transformation on many levels that are an important part of our evolution and destiny. Therefore, it’s necessary to see where the tides of change take us. Our sense of security might be tested — but we don’t have to give up anything that’s important to us — we just have to evolve the relationship we have with people and possessions. 
Important dates for Cancer Season:
June 21: Cancer Season kicks off!
June 26: Communication planet Mercury enters Cancer, allowing us to express and understand our emotions. 
June 30: Dreamy planet Neptune retrograde in Pisces commences, urging us to embrace our intuition. 
July 3: The Full Moon in Capricorn allows us to work hard to attain our goals and desires. 
July 10: Action planet Mars moves into Virgo, urging us to make smart moves and plan ahead instead of acting impulsively.
July 11: Mercury flies into Leo, adding drama and flair to our words and the ways we express ourselves. 
July 17: The New Moon in Cancer offers to resolve power struggles and create a better foundation. 
July 17: The Nodes of Destiny move into the Aries-Libra axis, telling us to put ourselves first and to stop people pleading. 
July 22: 17 minutes before the sun switches signs, Venus retrograde in Leo begins. Relationships and money matters will become complicated for the next 43 days, which is why it’s essential to give our energy to people and investments that matter. 
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