The Best Podcasts For Single Women

Is it just us, or is everyone talking about podcasts lately? People are keeping up with their audio episodes the way we used to devotedly follow our favourite TV shows. Whether you're looking for new shows to add to your lineup, or you're new to the listening experience altogether, there has never been a better time for podcasts — especially given the amount that are produced for and by women.
And if you're a single woman, you're in luck. There's an entire library of pods that speak directly to you and what's going on in your life. Feeling bummed over a breakup? There's a pod for that. Thinking about embarking on your first solo trip? There's one for that, too. Just like being on your own? Hell yeah!
Ahead, we've rounded up our favourite podcasts for single women. So the next time you're sitting on the train, consider swapping out your music playlist for one of these motivational (or at least relatable) listens. Be prepared to laugh until you cry — or vice-versa.
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