6 Pimple Patches Worthy Of A Spot On Your Face

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We all have our horror stories of picking and prodding at pimples as teens (maybe even still, we're not judging). And though we can't deny the efficacy of strong ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree oil and niacinamide, there's really no need to be liberally applying such potent blemish-zapping ingredients to our entire faces, lest you prepare for some peeling. This is why the rise of pimple patches — little pea-sized dots that work to treat specific areas with targeted ingredients — have been such a revolution.
Not only do they work to shrink and flatten pimples but, by design, they're either subtle enough to wear them throughout the day without noticing they're there, or cute enough that you can wear them loudly and proudly, unencumbered by the splotchy appearance of other spot treatments.
Typically made from Hydrocolloid, a biodegradable dressing used to dress wounds while they heal, they enable us to give our spots the time and conditions they really need to heal, meaning we're minimising scarring and the spreading of bacteria to the rest of skin — how good!
Read on for the R29 team's most used pimple patches for tackling spots.

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