Shine Of The Times: 11 Highlighters That’ll Give You An Instant Glow

Photo: Courtesy of Mecca.
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If there's one thing we wish we could take
home with us from vacation, other than the time off from any sense of responsibility, it's the glow: that luminous, sun-kissed effect that really should come in a bottle. But until technology exists that somehow enables us to siphon UV ray-less sun into recyclable or refillable glass packaging, highlighter is the next best thing.
Highlighter is best known for its ability to add that effortless touch of dewiness you need for a lit-from-within look all year round. To achieve that perfect glow this spring, we've rounded up some of our favourite highlighters. With a few dabs, you'll look like you just came from the beach, even when there's no shoreline in sight.
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