The Female Singers From The & ’90s Who We Love

Fair warning: You're about to enter a place of extreme '90s nostalgia. But we're not going to talk about Kurt Cobain or Friends or get wistful about the days of less digitally connected existence. Nope, this homage is dedicated to all the ladies who rocked that decade — and their way into our hearts (and eardrums) forever.
We're talking Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow. Kathleen Hanna and Gwen Stefani. Brandy, Monica, and Melissa Etheridge. And then there's all the ladies of the Lilith Fair stage. The list really does just go on and on — which is why we'll be updating it every month to include more of our favourite female performers from one our favourite iconic musical periods. Without further ado: Less talk. More music.

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