The 2023 Guide To Wearing Headbands

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Fashion feels like Blair Waldorf’s wildest dream right now. Headbands, the classic ladylike accessory mostly associated with childhood photos and country club gatherings, are one of spring 2023’s biggest fashion trends, endorsed by both designers and street style stars. 
The evidence for a headband comeback has been mounting for a while. During 2022, Bella Hadid made headbands her go-to accessory, prompting others to follow. Throughout the Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion Month season, thick black headbands were spotted all over the street style photos, while, at the Met Gala, which honoured the legacy of Karl Lagerfeld, It girls like Cardi B, Emma Chamberlain, and Precious Lee wore a wide variety of headband styles. Then, during the summer, Jennifer Lawrence took the throne, when she wore headbands throughout her No Hard Feelings press tour, pairing them with an athletic-style vest and a classic, tailored little black dress. (Our fashion director, a self-proclaimed headband hater, even admitted to having been influenced by Lawrence’s headband choices). 
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In the era of quiet luxury and hyper-feminine trends (hello, Barbiecore), it’s not surprising that headbands — which fit with both aesthetics — are fast becoming the It accessory of 2023. One of the first glimpses of the new Barbie movie we got back in 2022 featured Margot Robbie wearing a baby blue headband. 
While in the 2010s headband trends were an endless carousel of bows, crystal embellishments, and bright colours, this time around, darker hues and sober choices are all the rage, taking the accessory out of the country club and into high fashion territory. And that is because today's It headbands align more with minimalism than prep, making them look more grown up and elevated in the process. 
If the idea of wearing a headband in 2023 is still daunting, here are three surefire ways to make the accessory work for you. 

Keep It Minimal

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The monochrome headband is the protagonist in 2023. While in the past plaid or striped headbands might have been on trend, this year, everything is minimalistic, even in size, with celebrities prioritising thinner headbands in sober and pastel colours. It’s all about resembling the quiet luxury aesthetic of celebs like Sofia Richie.

Go For The Athletic Look

Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images.
Photo: Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images.
Remember when elastic headbands were reserved for the gym? Now, it’s time to take them for a fashionable walk. Street style stars like Margaret Zhang and Bella Hadid have worn elastic headbands with their hair slicked back, styling the accessory with tailored cropped vests and bold dresses. No matter how fancy the outfit, just add an elastic headband — preferably black or white — and carry on.

Bring On The Puff

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Over the past few years, puffed clothing and accessories have taken over fashion, from oversized sleeve dresses to handbags voluminous enough to use as pillows. Now, as headbands take centre stage, they’re also adding on the volume. One styling trick to wear these modern-day tiaras is to keep the rest of the outfit more streamlined to keep the focus on your head. But if volume is your thing, add on without fear.
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