Hallelujah! Mercury Retrograde Is Finally Over — Now What?

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After almost a month of chaotic communication mishaps, travel troubles, and never ending restlessness, Mercury retrograde has finally come to an end. On October 2, the Planet of Communication will stop its backwards dance and turn direct in Virgo — but that doesn't mean the show is over.
Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, puts it bluntly: "The direct turn of Mercury will not be easy," she tells Refinery29. "In general, Mercury’s 'stations' — when it goes either retrograde or direct — are moments of climax when it comes to technology and communication behaving strangely." Although we're (more than) ready to kiss Mercury retrograde goodbye, there are still be some twists we must endure before its final bow.
"Instead of clarity, this station of Mercury will bring a double amount of confusion because the Planet of Communication will be forming an opposition with Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, as it goes direct," Montúfar explains. "This is a connection that only happens once a year, and in 2022, it coincides with the end of Mercury retrograde." This planetary aspect can have us feeling paranoid and bring forth the dramatics, but it's not all bad (we promise). Montúfar points out that this energy can also give us moments of incredible creativity. Remember, sometimes the most beautiful creations can come from the hardest moments — at least, that's what we'll be telling ourselves.
Still, there is room to make this astrological happening the positive, forward-thinking vibe we need this month. Iva Naskova, astrologer at the Nebula app, says that Mercury's direct turn is an ideal time to reflect on your goals before you make take action. "Don't rush, and pace yourself," she says. "Instead, allow your mind to process what has been going on during Mercury retrograde period and use your past mistakes and lessons as a stepping stone in the period ahead of you." Slow and steady always wins the race, anyway. You could say this is the beginning of our retrograde redemption arc.
Look out for October 10, when Mercury will retrace its steps and head back into Libra, the sign that it began its retrograde motion in. "At this time, we’ll be reevaluating relationships and the way we connect with each other," says Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of The Love Deck. "Finding diplomacy in communication is pivotal." All Libra wants is for things to be harmonious, and after some major upheaval during the Planet of Communication's retrograde, we're due for a bit of steadiness. Reach out to friends you may have accidentally scorned or coworkers you may have missed an email from to make amends and get your connection back on track — let's put this planetary dance behind us once and for all, shall we?
Libra rules marriage and partnerships, and according to psychic astrologer Leslie Hale, we will all feel a little more relaxed, focused on relationships, and willing to compromise to find common ground when Mercury enters the sign of the scales. "This will be a major shift from the worrisome Virgo energy we have experienced over the last several weeks," she says.
Then on October 12, Mercury in Libra will oppose Jupiter in Aries. "This is optimistic and overzealous energy that can have us making bold declarations," says astrologer Stephanie Campos. "It's easy to overcommit and bite off more than we can chew." Mercury opposed Jupiter on both September 2 and September 18, so think back to the conversations you were having during those dates. "This is the grand finale to those conversations — you're ready to move forward," she says. Now is the time to ask yourself, what did you learn, if anything? How has your perspective shifted or evolved? Your answers may help clear some haze from this past retrograde.
Stardust warns that while this opposition will expand our minds, communication can feel a bit unharmonious. Don't be afraid to make compromises that aren't in your favor, or if its too much, to postpone a decision if things feel off — the only thing worse than making a mistake is knowing that you could have prevented it, after all.
Although Mercury's direct motion isn't as rocky and rigorous as its retrograde, we'll still be feeling the sting of the planet's move. But, have no fear — we've done it twice already this year, and it's nothing we haven't handled before. Break a leg!
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