Sister Act: Our Favourite Female Siblings In Films & TV Shows

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If you don’t have a female sibling of your own, pop culture has provided us with plenty of examples of sisterly relationships. Some of them are loving and supportive. In fact, one of our favourite older sisters loves her younger sibling so much, she’s willing to volunteer as tribute for her in The Hunger Games. We’re talking, of course, about Katniss and Prim(rose) Everdeen.
In the case of some other pop culture sister acts, the love has dried up, or, it was never there in the first place. These sisters are as different as night and day. But it’s equally fascinating to watch, especially if they’re twins à la Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield from Sweet Valley High.
Still, in a film and TV industry predominantly focused on the stories of men, it’s glorious to find tales of sisters doing it for themselves. The following are some of our favourite sister acts of all time.

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