Your May 2022 Horoscope Is Here — & The Vibes Are (Mostly) Good

Leave it to the eclipses and Mercury retrograde to make a seemingly exciting month feel as though it’s an emotional wash. However, once we are deep in May, we’ll find that there is plenty of sparky energy to ignite our passions and visions — even if Mercury’s drama, unpredictability, and annoyances slow down the vibe. May the force be with you…
Venus enters Aries on May 2 and then moves into Taurus on May 28, making the reward for the romantic chase worth the effort. Mercury retrograde begins on May 10 in Gemini, followed by a backwards dip into Taurus on May 22. Although Mercury’s moonwalk ends on June 3, we can expect communication, technology, and travel mishaps to occur. Jupiter’s forward traction into Aries on May 10, enhances our desires and lust for life. May 16’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio urges us to evolve relationships and upgrade the way we relate to others.
The Sun’s ingress into Gemini on May 20 lightens up the energy and gives us the chance to have fun. Mars moves into its home sign, Aries, on May 24, inspiring and motivating us to take action. May 30’s New Moon in Gemini is an energetically potent time to manifest old dreams into reality. We’ll want to work towards recreating a positive vision that can change the world and ourselves for the better.
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