Your 2022 Valentine’s Day Horoscope Is Here, & It’s All About Self-Love

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a time in which we receive love letters, chocolates and flowers from paramours, crushes and lovers. This year, Cupid is aiming to help us discover our truest and deepest selves by allowing us to forge a strong relationship with the most important, wonderful, and amazing person in our lives: OURSELVES. Now, we can have a thrilling, exciting, intoxicating love affair with the person in our lives who matters the most — the one looking back at us in the mirror. 
The astrology of Valentine’s Day is asking us to make serious changes, due to the planetary alignment with Pluto and the Nodes of Destiny, which is refreshing our perspectives and urging us to take radical steps towards self-acceptance and self-love. On the 13th, healing centaur Chiron shares a minor aspect with the Sun, giving us the chance to mend and evolve our hearts. That sets us up nicely when, on the following day, the Sun squares the Nodes of Destiny, pushing us to put ourselves first in our lives. After all, we are the main characters in our narratives — not anyone else. 
Also worth noting: On Valentine’s Day, two days before the full moon, the moon (which dictates the emotional flavour of the day) moves from nurturing Cancer to radiant Leo, urging us to give ourselves more TLC. So if you were planning on any displays of affection this month, make sure you’re the first and most important recipient on your list. Finally, Mercury reenters Aquarius, taking us back to the promises that we made to ourselves before the recent retrograde and the start of the New Year and giving us a second shot at fulfilling them. 
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