Bella Hadid Puts A Y2K Spin On Frosted Tips

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.
Last summer, "money piece" highlights were trending in New York City in a big way. A throwback to the '90s grunge era, the chunky two-toned hair colour felt fresh and served to break up the monotony of the balayage, beach waves, and curtain fringes rolling out of most hair salons.
Now, supermodel Bella Hadid is bringing streaky hair colour back into focus for the end of summer with a new hairstyle that's glossy black all over and accented with a face-framing highlight that appears to be an intentionally brassy orange. Hadid showed off her new hair at a dinner in Manhattan's Lower East Side wearing a low-rise midi skirt and heavy black eyeliner, underscoring a very Y2K aesthetic.
Earlier in the week, Hadid was seen on set of a photoshoot with a similar, but slightly more dramatic, hairstyle: a sharp black bob with 'baby bangs' and blonde-dipped tips.
While Hadid is likely wearing a wig onset and while out in LES, she makes a refreshing hair-colour statement: anti-balayage, pro-deliberately brassy highlights and peroxide-dipped tips.

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