Hold On To Your Bodices — The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical Is Coming Soon

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Since Netflix's Bridgerton first steamed up our TV screens last December, the series has inspired more than just horny dreams and season 2 theories. Fans made art, considered baby bangs, and even added regencycore to their daily fashion rotations.
But one of the most popular fan-made projects, a TikTok Bridgerton musical, has gone way beyond a fun internet hobby. Yes, you're not just imagining it because your corset is too tight: we're getting the full Unofficial Bridgerton Musical album from songwriting duo Barlow & Bear on September 10.
In January 2021, 22-year-old singer-songwriter and Abigail Barlow posted a TikTok video of her singing an original ballad she originally called “Daphne’s Song” (now "Ocean's Away") with the caption, “Ok but what if Bridgerton was a musical?” People liked it so much that it inspired her to team up with composer and singer-songwriter Emily Bear to produce more songs, including the highly duetted "Burn For You" — about the sexual tension between Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon (Regé-Jean Page), before their honeymoon — and "Alone Together," in which Daphne and Simon steal away from a party to have a meaningful moment looking at a piece of art.
Since then, Barlow & Bear have documented their process writing music and lyrics for a full 15-track original concept album on social media, and their songs and performances have attracted a massive fanbase. They have received over 2 million followers, over 36 million likes on TikTok, and the #bridgertonmusical hashtag is quickly approaching 200 million views.
The duo will be self-releasing the album on September 10 on all major streaming services. In anticipation of the drop, they will be performing live for two upcoming events: One in England's Bicester Village from August 12 through August 14, and the other in New York City at Broadway’s outdoor music festival, Elsie Fest, on August 29.
For those who've been paying close attention to The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical's evolution, here are the songs that made the cut: “Tis The Season,” “Lady Whistledown,” “If I Were A Man, ” “Penelope Featherington, ” “The Ruse, ” “Fool For You,” “Alone Together,” “Entertain Me,” “Friend Turned Foe," “Burn For You,” “Every Inch,” “Burned Me Instead,” “Balancing The Scales,” and “Ocean Away.”
This news would make any fan of the bodice-ripper excited — even the likes of Lady Whistledown.

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