Hailey Bieber Debuts A Makeup Trend That’s About To Blow Up

Photo: Phillip Faraone/WireImage.
Summer "trends" have to be practical. It's hot and you're sweating, so you lean into it: throw your hair in a slicked-back low bun, brush up your eyebrows, and maybe throw on a tinted lip balm.
From there, you might add a men's button-down shirt, gold hoop earrings, or the summer glam trend equal parts sweat-proof and chic: peel-and-stick eyeliner. In a new Instagram post, Hailey Bieber posed for a golden-hour selfie wearing winged eyeliner stickers, and the flick of holographic sheen looks so trendy it begs the question: Could peel-and-stick eyeliner become the new bucket hat?
You can cop Bieber's exact look using two of the metallic-wing stickers from the Eye Play Sticker Book created by Instagram influencers Simi & Haze, which also includes neon colours and floating-crease shapes. But, if you're into the vibe and not the expensive price tag, you can find more affordable adhesive eyeliner packs on Amazon or Etsy. Plus, Bieber proves the sticker eyeliner is just as versatile as the bucket hat: Wear it to the club or a festival or just hanging in the park. Actually, the latter might be even cooler.

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