Unbelievable: U.S. Sprinter Sets Record While Running With A Broken Leg

There are a ton of memories we'll take away from these past two weeks of intense sports viewing. To think, just last month, we didn't know Sanya Richards-Ross would be our favorite Chanel-wearing sprinter, that Gabby Douglas' smile would be forever emblazoned on our brains, or that synchronized swimming could be so thrilling! But, even with our newfound love for sports, athletes, and anything having to do with men's water polo, it's the stories of adversity, strength, and commitment that'll cement themselves in our memories.
Past examples include the image of Kerri Strug, sticking that vault back in 1996 with a busted ankle, to secure the U.S.' first-ever team gymnastics gold, and Derek Redmond limping his way to the finish, with his dad, in 1992. The training, determination, and concentration necessary to pull something like that is incomprehensible...which is why we couldn't be any more proud or shocked by what happened in the Olympic Arena last Thursday.
Olympic sprinter Manteo Mitchell was representing Team USA on the track, trying to run the fastest leg of the 4x400 relay, when he felt something snap. Halfway through the quarter-mile sprint, Mitchell's leg just...broke.
Yes, you read that correctly — the professional sprinter broke his leg mid-race and just kept on running. He heard the pop and instantly felt like somebody "had literally just snapped my leg in half," but couldn't collapse with his teammate standing there, anxiously waiting to be passed the baton. 
We've heard and seen stories of true grit, tales of unbelievable athletic performance, but this one just blows our minds. And, craziest of all, Mitchell didn't just limp his way to completion — the U.S. team tied with the Bahamas for the fastest 4x400 ever run in the preliminary round of an Olympic relay
Insane, right? The ultra-fast sprint made it all the way to the record books, despite one of the team members suffering from the kind of pain that would have made it impossible for most other people to even walk. The U.S. couldn't squeeze past the Bahamas in the final, but Mitchell will be heading home to the states with two things he came to London without — a boot on his broken left fibula, and a silver medal around his neck. (NY Daily News)
Photo: Via NY Daily News

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