Got A Beauty Dilemma? Bring It On!

One of the reasons we love beauty products so much is that the possibilities are limitless — which, unfortunately, also means there are endless ways to get confused and overwhelmed. Even the most savvy of us can get befuddled by beauty. Is there a trick to applying liquid liner flawlessly? What's the best way to battle frizz? Do you really need to wear sunscreen every day? Isn't there a faster way to do your nails? It's enough to make a girl's head spin!
Fortunately, our senior beauty editor is here to help. There's no mascara meltdown too big or dry skin query too small — she's here to rescue you from your worst beauty blunders. Ask Megan anything, from product recommendations to tips on taming your mane. Email her your burning beauty questions now!
Photographed by Ryan Koopmans

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