You Won't Expect The Dark-But-Satisfying Themes Of This "Kids Movie"

Khethiwe & The Leopard resonates as director Pamela Romanowsky's tribute to awkward girls everywhere. A poignant portrait of one middle schooler's struggle to tame a group of menacing bullies, this Shatterbox Anthology short feature captures the dilemma too often faced by adolescents — the desire to hang on to the creativity and energy that make them unique, while still fitting in with a judgmental peer group. For Romanowsky, Khethiwe's pain was deeply familiar. "I wanted to build a story with girls at the center of it — I was remembering what it was like when I was 13, an often-muddy outdoor child and a daydreamer who loved to write," Romanowsky says. "Before I joined a mainstream school, my imagination gave me my sense of self. After I switched out of the Montessori program, it made me realize how weird I was. My intelligence and creativity made me a target for bullying, and I stopped talking about it."

And Romanowsky isn't alone in her mission to elevate stories celebrating young girls' daring and imagination. Crafted in partnership with DOVE® Chocolate, Khethiwe and the Leopard epitomizes the company's dedication to spotlighting the work of emerging female visionaries. Check out the full film above.

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