Is It OK To Pluck These 9 Types Of Hair?

We all know that hair removal is a minefield. While men mostly get away with two simple decisions – whether to have a beard, and what type of beard it should be – women’s follicular challenges just aren’t that straightforward. Ask any woman who’s ever flashed a hairy armpit; the world has a lot to say about female body hair. And it says it loudly. All the time. Which means that what should be a simple, personal choice of whether or not to have fur is anything but.

If we do decide to get rid of our body hair, then we’re faced with a whole new set of complications. There are so many places that we should apparently consider de-fuzzing, and so many ways to do it. Waxing? Threading? Shaving? Plucking? Epilating? It’s hard to know which is the best choice.


Sure, most women have their preference when it comes to the big three – legs, armpits and bikini line – but, as with all things hairy, that’s just the start. What about all those other places that sprout unexpected hair? Is it safe just to reach for the tweezers, or should you be doing something else?

If you’ve decided that hair removal’s for you, then here’s our guide to what to reach for, when.

Grey hair

No doubt you’ve heard it said that if you pluck one grey hair, three will spring up in its place. The good news? That’s totally made up. The bad? If you do reach for the tweezers, you may end up damaging the follicle so badly that no hair ever grows back at all – leaving you with a charming bald patch. So if you want to get rid of the greys, your best bet is to head for the hair dye.
Toe hair

For those with Hobbit-esque feet, it’s totally fine to pluck away but if they're at the fuzzier end of the scale, waxing and shaving are both safe and speedier options – but beware of the charming toe-stubble if you do decide to go for the razor.
Armpit hair

Theoretically, you can pluck your armpits but it’ll hurt like a bitch, and it’ll take you a long, long time. Then there’s the possibility of ingrown hairs, and the fun of letting the hair grow out for about four weeks before you can take to it with the tweezers. Not sounding too appealing? Then you’re best off sticking with your old faithful razor, or visiting a professional for a wax.
Mole hair

It’s one of the great follicular scare stories – if you deprive your mole of its hairy companion then it’ll turn cancerous in revenge. But it’s not true at all. So if you’ve got a few strands sticking out of a mole, feel free to pluck away, safe in the knowledge that you definitely won’t be doing any harm.
Pubic hair

As with armpit hair, this one’s a theoretical yes – but you’ll be there a while, and it’ll hurt a lot. So unless you’ve got a big chunk of time to spare and are something of a masochist, you’re better off waxing and using tweezers to remove the stragglers that have somehow evaded capture.
Chin hair

Chin hairs are one of those unfortunate facts of hormonal life – like bloating, and Vesuvius-like spots. But if a great big bushy beard isn’t for you, then you can indeed pluck away. If you’ve got a particularly hairy patch, threading may save you time in front of the mirror trying to make sure you’ve nabbed all the hairs – and will ensure softer regrowth than shaving.
Nasal hair

If you need to start crying on demand, then plucking your nasal hair is the answer. If, however, you just want to get rid of some over-enthusiastic fur without reducing yourself to tears of pain and regret, it might be worth considering a nose trimmer. Since most of your nose hair is hidden, you don’t need to remove it down to the roots – so save yourself some torture and take the easy option.
Nipple hair

Nipple whiskers are extremely common, thanks to all those lovely hormones. The quickest and safest way to get rid of them is indeed to pluck them out – after all, hair removal creams and waxing can be a bit tough on sensitive nipple skin. And nobody wants a nipple-related shaving accident.
Abdomen hair

Furry bellies are lovely on pets but you may not want one for yourself. It's absolutely fine to pluck any wayward stomach hairs. If you find yourself with a particularly fuzzy patch, then shaving and waxing are both perfectly safe options.
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