Is It OK To Pluck These 9 Types Of Hair?

We all know that hair removal is a minefield. While men mostly get away with two simple decisions – whether to have a beard, and what type of beard it should be – women’s follicular challenges just aren’t that straightforward. Ask any woman who’s ever flashed a hairy armpit; the world has a lot to say about female body hair. And it says it loudly. All the time. Which means that what should be a simple, personal choice of whether or not to have fur is anything but.
If we do decide to get rid of our body hair, then we’re faced with a whole new set of complications. There are so many places that we should apparently consider de-fuzzing, and so many ways to do it. Waxing? Threading? Shaving? Plucking? Epilating? It’s hard to know which is the best choice.
Sure, most women have their preference when it comes to the big three – legs, armpits and bikini line – but, as with all things hairy, that’s just the start. What about all those other places that sprout unexpected hair? Is it safe just to reach for the tweezers, or should you be doing something else?
If you’ve decided that hair removal’s for you, then here’s our guide to what to reach for, when.

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