These Manicures Will Have Your Heart Long After Valentine's Day

If you're one of the "lucky ones" who have someone to squeeze on 14th February, one of the funnest things you can do to prepare is to get your nails done.

Call it cliché, vain, or presumptuous all you want — but the truth is that you never know when a ring might be coming your way. So if you're getting a ring like Cardi B this year, remember that there's nothing wrong with wanting your requisite Facebook photos to look good. But if you're after something a little more timeless than the traditional heart-shaped nail art you'll normally find on this holiday, stick with us.

Ahead, we've rounded up the coolest Valentine's Day-themed manicures to bring to your salon appointment. Best-case scenario: You lock down your soulmate. Worst-case scenario: You're left with a really rad mani.

Like French tips — with a sweet twist. Ask for glitter to top off your nearly naked mani to lend nails a pop of colour no one else will have.
This manicure is called The Side-Eye for a reason. It's perfect for the moments after the dreamy proposal... when you actually have to plan the wedding.
It's hard to ever go wrong with such a classic nail colour. Bonus: No one will ever suspect you just love Valentine's Day that much.
When you want the bling on your ring to shine, go for a brown or neutral shade that'll make it truly pop. Not only is it classic, but when it chips no one will ever be able to tell.
These red studs are a subtle nod to the romantic holiday without going overboard.
This minimalistic design is just what you need if you can't help but wear the popular V-Day colour combination.
No one can deny that on Valentine's Day, ombré nails look much better pink.
Three words, three syllables, three dots: I love you. This mani is the non-cheesy way of saying you're about to commit to one person forever.
Even if you don't get the ring (or even wanted it in the first place), you can always get the diamond nail art.
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