How To Dress Up As Hamilton This Halloween

Hamilton tickets are still elusive, but you can have a colonial moment this fall by dressing up as Alexander for Halloween. Beauty Instagrammer @lowcheekbones is here to show you how you can transform yourself into the Revolutionary War icon.

To start, you're going to want a white, powdery base. Think: "I have powdered sugar on my chin from this doughnut," but on your whole face. Because everything in life is about balance, you'll need to counter that very historically accurate pallor with some bright blush.

You have two options for the Ham hair — spray your own locks with gray hairspray, or spring for the 18th-century wig. Since Hamilton wasn't the kind of guy to go half in, I'd suggest getting the hair piece. All you need to complete your look is an era-appropriate militia uniform. Maybe check Party City?

For more funny videos, check out RIOT on YouTube.

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