16 Tiny Ear Tattoos That Are Perfect For Minimalists

If you're thinking of getting some ink, but want to do it in an unconventional location, may we suggest your ear? Cosmo recently rounded up a plethora of ear tattoos that were so cool, we started thinking: Where are the tiny ear tattoos for minimalists?

Of course, there are tiny tat suggestions for fingers and wrists. But when it comes to ears, they're a little harder to find. The good news is, ear tats are on the rise. They can be a great alternative to a new piercing — or better yet, a subtle way to highlight piercings that you already have.

Scroll below to see a roundup of 16 tiny minimalist tats for your ears. Let these serve as inspiration for the next time you decide to get ink.

Try some behind-the-ear action:

Try a super-tiny tat:

Give flowers a chance:

Try some lines or dots:

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