The Most Hilarious & Adorable Celebrity #TBT Halloween Costumes

Halloween is basically the perfect time for #TBT. You can post your weird childhood costumes and reflect on nights you may or may not regret or even remember.

And celebrities can too. Throwback Thursday offers a moment of closeness to celebs because they, presumably, have not always been celebs. (Unless they’re North West, who’s been slaying since before birth, in which case they just breathe fame.)

A celebrity #TBT exemplifies the celebs they're just like us tabloid feature. Here are some famous folks who shared exactly what we’re all sharing — Halloween memories. From the spooky to the sexy, this is the best stuff we’ve seen so far. (Except the stuff we’ve shared already. But check those out too.)

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Ed Sheeran was Pennywise — or, at least, a scary clown — way before we all decided to be Pennywise for Halloween. (P.S. I guess Pennywise is dating the Babadook, so.)
Photo: via @dakotafanning.
Dakota Fanning channeled Kill Bill's Beatrix "Black Mamba" Kiddo with not just the costume but also the moves. You would not want a trick from a trick-or-treater like that.
Photo: via @corbinbleu.
This photo leaves us with a lot of questions, like "whose legs are those?" and "does that costume have any rhyme or reason, or did they just throw some bunny ears on him?" What we can say is that Corbin Bleu totally aced his first Halloween.
Photo: via @trevordukemoretz.
Chloe Grace Moretz appears to be Catwoman in this truly ancient-looking photo dug up by her brother Trevor Duke-Moretz. Their other brother Ethan looks like a giant but very friendly gorilla. D'aww.
Photo: via @CindyCrawford.
Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber made for an adorable combination as the leads from Grease, and they got the sassy pose down pat.
Photo: via @billyraycyrus.
Miley got in front of the camera with her dad before she was even Hannah Montana, and she's a natural. Her brother's also adorable, though their dad's gone with the dressing-as-yourself approach.
Photo: via @KimKardashian.
Here’s Kim Kardashian as a cute ladybug. She looks adorable, just like her daughter.
Photo: via @khloekardashian.
Maybe Kim's ladybug costume was a hand-me-down, because Khloé Kardashian wore it too.
Photo: via @khloekardashian.
Khloé also channeled a fairy princess at one point, and she's still got those same red cheeks. Her big sister Kim looks ready to protect her from anything spooky that comes along. OK, moving on from the Kardashians.
Photo: via @katherineheigl.
Katherine Heigl is great in a supporting role in this picture of her friend as Punky Brewster. Hey, just like in movies!
Photo: via @oliviawilde.
Olivia Wilde as like, zombie Wonder Woman? Or maybe she’s pantomiming flying? Or practicing for mummy school?
Photo: via @MarioLopezExtra.
Mario Lopez and Fergie dressed as a Dracula and, um, Pajama Girl? The real news here is that Mario Lopez is on Twitter. Hi Mario!
Photo: via @amyschumer.
We don’t know “witch” part of Amy Schumer's photo is cuter: the costume or the expression.
Photo: via @mariahcarey.
Mariah Carey channels her Disney princess as a Little Mermaid. Watch out, Ursula’s behind you! Oh never mind, that’s just a fan thirsting for an autograph.
Photo: via @lindsaylohan.
Lindsay Lohan also went the Disney princess route, because there are some childhood obsessions no '90s kid was exempt from.
Photo: via @lenadunham.
A secretary? Leave it to Lena Dunham to make up a totally untraditional Halloween costume. She's been known to wear her grandma's clothes, and we wouldn't be surprised if this getup were also borrowed from a previous generation.
Photo: via @marthastewart.
Martha Stewart wins the award for the oldest throwback. The only thing that could make this cuter would be if she found her sheep.
Photo: via @vanderjames.
But the award for creepiest costume goes to James Van Der Beek, who dressed as serial killer Freddy Krueger. He also may win for most resourceful: He threw together that costume with some basic household items.
Photo: via @champagnepapi.
Before Drake was a Grammy-winning recording artist, he was just a ninja turtle like every other little boy.
Photo: via @taylorswift.
Taylor Swift says she was into Teletubbies before they were cool. Does that make her a little hipster?
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