Turns Out Stephen King Wrote Some Seriously Sick Sex Scenes

When the movie adaptation of Stephen King's It was announced, fans of the novel immediately wondered: How would filmmakers grapple with the book's strange, graphic, and chapter-long orgy scene between pre-teens? While the first draft of the script by Cary Fukanga included a mild adaptation of the scene, the version you'll see in theaters has no trace of a sewer orgy.
Clearly, the movie works without the Loser's Club stripping down in the sewer and losing their virginities after defeating "It." Why is it even there in the first place, then? Stephen King says the act was intended to bind the Losers Club together for life, so they could come together to defeat It again. "Times have changed since I wrote that scene and there is now more sensitivity to those issues," King acknowledged on his official message board.
This orgy scene might be the most famous of King's transgressive and sexual content, but it's hardly the only one — or even the most extreme. He writes about dark and twisted forces in the universe; it follows that his sex scenes contain dark and twisted elements.
It's up to you to decide just how much is too much.
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Anal sex using a shotgun in The Stand (1978)

Yes, you read that right. In the full-length version of The Stand, a pyromaniac named the Trashcan Man encounters a psychopath called the Kid sometime during his cross-country wanderings. Trash and the Kid travel together for a while. At one point, Trash wakes up and finds the Kid in bed with him, demanding he jerk him off. Caught off-guard, Trash reluctantly agrees, but with the vigor and enthusiasm the Kid desires.

Then, since he's a psychopath, the Kid shoves the butt of a rifle into Trash's anus so that Trash keeps going.
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The pre-teen orgy in It (1986)

This wasn't a sex scene. This was a chapter. After defeating It using the mystical Ritual of Chud (not pictured in the recent film), the Losers Club gets lost in the sewers. To clear their minds, 11-year-old Bev decides to have sex wth each of the boys. They all lose their virginity to Bev.

"You have to put your thing in me," Bev says to her first partner, though in the dark, she doesn't know who is who. She also cures one of the boys' stutters.

To make matters creepier, a few sentences in, Bev starts to picture her abusive father's face floating before her. Yuck multiplied.
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The maid with an interesting appetite in "Dedication" (1988)

In this short story now found in the collection Nightmares and Dreamscapes, a very famous, very unpleasant writer holes up in a motel room spends his days masturbating in his sheets. He doesn't clean up, and leaves semen-caked sheets for the maid to change each day.

The maid, who is pregnant, decides that lapping up the fluid remains would be healthy for her child. She thinks the writer's success will transfer to her own unborn fetus by way of discarded genetic tissue.
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The really disturbing child rape in "The Library Policeman" (1990)

This prolonged scene pushes the boundaries of artistic license. The premise of King's short story, "The Library Policeman" in the Four Past Midnight collection, is one of a simple scary story: a demonic librarian assumes people's bodies so she can continue to murder children. But the reason why the demon's latest victim, Sam Peebles, hates libraries, is far from typical.

As a young boy, Sam had been raped by a man disguised as a policeman in a library. King describes the rape in grotesque detail.
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Susannah's impregnated by a demon in The Waste Lands (1991)

In part of King's epic Dark Tower series, the character Susannah volunteers to distract a demon so that her travel companions can rescue someone being attacked by another demon. The demon rapes Susannah.

It gets worse. The demon, whose name is Mia, had taken the semen from Roland, one of Susannah's companions, earlier on in the novel. Mia impregnates Susannah, then possesses Susannah's body for the duration of the pregnancy, intending to take the baby after it's born. When the child, Mordred Deschain, is born, he eats Mia.
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A gravely wounded teen girl still gets horny in The Regulators (1996)

Marielle's left arm is torn off by an evil slug, since it's a Stephen King novel, and what else can you expect? What's surprising is that despite bleeding, she still gets revved up after a boy's hand grazes the side of her breast.
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A witch molests Susan in Wizard and Glass (1997)

Rhea, who is a witch, uses her "corpse-like fingers" to determine whether Susan still has her "honesty," or her virginity. She subjects Susan to a thorough examination.

One of Rhea's fingers "prodded its way into [Susan's] anus" then the "hag's withdrawing fingers closed gently around the little nubbin of flesh at the head of Susan's flesh." After the examination is done, Rhea starts masturbating in front of Susan.
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The doomsday infidelity in The Mist (2002)

In this novella, a mysterious, opaque mists descends upon an entire town. The lucky ones, like David and his three sons, seek shelter in a supermarket so the monsters in the mist can't get them. David's separated from his wife. Assuming that she's died, and terrified the world's about to end, he goes to the manager's office with Amanda, another person trapped in the supermarket. Both think abut their significant others while having sex.

The scene isn't supposed to be sexy so much as an actual, understandable reaction to two people (potentially) facing the end of the world. David knows they're just using each other for stress relief.
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