This Girl Has The Most Hilarious Solution For Hands-Free Babysitting

If there's one thing family's good for, it's helping each other out in times of need, so when mother Claudia Sorhaindo needed to run an errand, her 15-year-old-niece offered to babysit her daughter. Baby Ava is just two months old, so Sorhaindo was glad to not leave her by herself, but she had no idea that Ava was about to go viral.

J'Ann, Sorhaindo's niece, wanted to make herself a sandwich while her aunt was gone, but didn't want to let baby Ava out of her sight for even one moment, so she came up with something pretty genius.
She calls them J'Pants, and they essentially entail J'Ann and Ava sharing the same pair of stretchy shorts. It's a baby-carrier and a garment all in one, and Sorhaindo couldn't get enough of it.

"I couldn't help but laugh out loud and share the photo with her dad," Sorhaindo told Mashable. "I have a baby holder and I asked J'Ann why she didn't go to my house (which is next door) to get it. She said she was too hungry and it would take time to go get it the figure how to put it on, and by that time she could have made four sandwiches."

This isn't the only time J'Ann has helped out baby Ava, but it is the most hilarious. Turns out, their relationship is just as great as it looks in the photos.

"[J'Ann] comes over every morning before going to school at 6 a.m. to kiss Ava good morning," Sorhaindo said. "When Ava was in my womb, J'Ann would listen to her heart beat with a stethoscope. She love Ava like it's her baby."

To encourage J'Ann's creativity, Sorhaindo started a GoFundMe to make a working model of the J'Pants.

"Let's encourage her to use her creativity to design something wonderful that will help caregivers everywhere!" the listing reads.

Help J'Ann reach her goal over here.

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