Twitter Thinks It Figured Out Who "The Last Jedi" Is

Some major Star Wars news dropped today. Via Twitter, we learned that the title for the sci-fi film franchise's eighth installment is The Last Jedi. Of course, as soon as the news was announced, fans were speculating as to who exactly that last Jedi is. Thanks to some stealthy sleuthing, many Star Wars diehards think they have the answer.
Since Star Wars is an international phenomenon, the poster wasn't just released in English. While the studio's American Twitter account released the above poster, there were various images — and tweets — disseminated around the world. The international Star Wars community was quick to come together to compare the tweets. Users in Brazil saw a very revealing message, which has since been taken down. But fans were quick to post the Portuguese screenshots, which ruled out about 50% of the possibilities.
While many assumed that Rey, the kick-ass star of The Force Awakens, would be the last Jedi, this intel points to another character taking the title. In case your Portuguese is rusty, fans (and Google translate) have your back: The description uses a singular, male pronoun.
So is it Luke? All signs (so far, at least) point to yes. But knowing the twists, turns, and heartbreak that happen in galaxies far, far away — fans can never be sure.

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